Sound public policy is driven by stakeholders, where ideas prosper from everyone.

We are embarking on a series of Public Forums, with the hope of hearing from New Brunswickers who want to be part of creating a brighter future.

Our third of four Public Forums will be held in Saint John on March 29, where we will discuss Economic Development.

Date: March 29, 2014
Time: 1-4 p.m.
Location: UNBSJ Hazen Hall Lecture Theatre, Saint John, N.B.
The Public Forum will feature presentations by two experts in economic development; David Campbell, columnist, President of Jupia Consultants Inc., and Research Fellow with the Canadian Institute for Research on Public Policy and Public Administration, and Yves Bourgeois, Director, Urban and Community Studies Institute. Mssrs. Campbell and Bourgeois will outline the challenges we face in New Brunswick on national and global levels, and will share their ideas on the opportunities for economic growth in New Brunswick. Participants will then have the opportunity to delve into discussions on the issues and propose solutions.

This event is intended for the public, and the debate will be on the basis of ideas, not partisan party lines. Everyone is welcome! Please share this invitation with those whom you think might be interested.

Together, we can have a brighter future!


Monika Zauhar and Roger Melanson
Co-chairs, Policy Process
Liberal Party of New Brunswick


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