NB Tories Desperate for Visibility

By André Faust

With the New Brunswick provincial election just around the corner most of the provincial parties are in pre-election campaign mode getting ready for the big day September 22.

Typically active campaigning does not start until the writ is dropped a month before the election date. However, the Alward Tories are getting a head start by having their incumbents run billboard sized ads wishing everyone a safe and happy July 1st weekend, wish is masking the true message “Vote PC” The function of the ads is to increase early visibility of the incumbents in their respective ridings in order to gain a slight advantage over the other party candidates. This is the first time in four years that the PC party have ever wished New Brunswickers to have a happy and safe long weekend.

The only conclusion that one can draw is part of a larger marketing strategy to persuade New Brunswickers to vote PC, A strategy that will become more obvious as we approach Election Day.

The NB Tories have a lot at stake in the outcome of next election, winning this election would justify their actions supporting shale gas development, and giving the Irving’s unlimited access to the provinces forestry resources.

The Alward government seems to rely solely on the out of date business model to manage the provinces financial deficit that his government is increasing by leaps and bounds. The Tories harsh austerity measures have hurt the people of New Brunswick, the changes with the pensions, changes to the legal aid act and cutbacks in other social programs that new Brunswickers once enjoyed. While the austerity measures have not helped new Brunswickers it has helped to large businesses such as the Irving’s who are boasting record profits.

It’s interesting that the Alward government keeps telling New Brunswickers that there isn’t enough money to cover the province’s expenses, yet Alward always seems to find money to finance the wishes of big business.

With the impending threat of losing the upcoming election it makes sense to why the Alward government is starting the early bird campaign to influence new Brunswickers for the interests of big business.


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