With the New ‘Ministry of Climate Change’, It’s Time for a ‘Just Transitions Law’

Re-blogged from Law of Works

The announcement of the new Ontario Liberal government cabinet included one new item that caught my eye. The Liberals have appointed Glen Murray as Minister of the renamed

Law of works
Just Transition Law as a New Legal Discipline?

Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change. How governments respond to climate change (or fail to do so) has great significance for labour markets, business, workers, and unions. Climate change will kill some industries and spawn new ones. Millions of workers worldwide will be affected. These are matters of great concern for labour law. Labour and environmental groups have had some success in forging common ground on ways forward to deal with climate change and still protect the economy. Environmental law scholars have proposed new legal fields like Climate Change Law, but they tend to ignore labour law and labour markets. Surprisingly, labour law–its lawyers and academics–has so far had little to say about climate change, and law’s response to it. Climate change law is considered to fall within the boundaries of environmental law and  Continue Reading —->


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