Here’s Stephen Harper’s plan to win the 2015 election

Ottawa Citizen

Ever so slowly, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s strategy for winning the 2015 election is becoming clear.

It will be built on four pillars: Economic management and tax cuts; a hard-nosed approach to crime; a “principled” foreign policy that stands up to international tyrants and terrorists; and a simple mantra to discredit and destroy Harper’s biggest threat — Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau.

In the coming weeks and months, the blueprint will be rolled out in dozens of ways.

So-called “union bosses” will be castigated for trying to influence the next election, and “media elites” will be accused of being cheerleaders for Trudeau.

At every step, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair and Trudeau will attack Harper for trying to manipulate voters.

They’ll say his economic record is weak — with thousands of Canadians still jobless — and that his tax cuts are a cynical attempt to buy votes.

They’ll say his criminal agenda…

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