Irving Stands To Lose 63 Million Dollars If Alward Looses Election

Irving wants Alward Elected so that he won’t lose his tax breaks

Irving has a vested interest if the Alward government were to win this election on September 22. Brian Gallant announced that his party would start to make the 1% pay their share of taxes, which would represent $63 million dollars in tax savings for the province. There is consensus among the other alternative parties that if the 1% paid their share of the taxes, the province would not be in the financial state that it currently experiencing.

Brian Gallant is the first leader speak out on tax inequality between rich and the poor, which is a reflection of new political ideologies which has permeated liberal party over the last four years.

Vote yes is to vote yes for selling the province short, for example the royalty deal that he has made with the shale gas industry is only pennies that that province would receive as compared royalties paid out in the province of Alberta. Recently Alward has basically given Irving all of the forest on Crown lands for virtually receiving nothing from the Irvings.

Vote yes means a government that will represent the will of the corporations not the will of the citizens.


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