Irving gives the boot to clean-air activist Gordon Dalzell

Clean-air activist Gordon Dalzell ejected by the Irvings from the Community Liaison Committee

By André Faust

Irving keeping with its outstanding reputation of removing people who either criticize or speaks out against the Corporation or members of the Irving family has recently given the boot to clean-air activist Gordon Dalzell from the Community Liaison Committee, a committee that Irving created to receive input from the community in regards to his refinery. Irving justifies the expulsion of Gordon Dalzell from the committee on the grounds that he breached confidentiality.

The community liaison committee appears to be a front to create the illusion that Irving works in conjunction with communities however this committee is not answerable to the community the ejection from the committee is another example of the Irvings philosophy of you are either with us or against us. Those who do not question the Irvings are allowed to remain on this bogus committee while those who speak against the Irvings are ejected from the committee.

Dalzell, is well known for his position on clean-air, in essence Irving’s dismissal of Dalzell from the committee will prevent any challenges to Irving’s conduct in terms of environmental issues.

As of date there are no known records of the community liaison committee ever criticizing the Irvings, the removal of Dalzell affirms that committee will never criticize the Irvings. Simply this committee is a farce, public relation created illusion to manipulate public thinking that Irving is a good corporate citizen then the evil corporation that it really is.


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