Murders of two soldiers gives justification to Harper to curtail Canadian civil liberties

Stephen Harper Foreign Policy

Stephen Harper was quick to use the label of Terrorist attack, without verifying if the horrendous murders of two Canadian soldiers was mandated by ISIS.

It appears that the murders were not connected to ISIS, rather it was the result of two delusional individuals.

Harper game is to incite fear so he can assure Canadians that if he is elected he will bring in legislation to protect Canadians from the “Evil Demons), which means Canadians will have to give up freedoms that once was enjoyed.

Harper who through out his careers has demonstrated psychopathic traits, is using this tragic event to overshadow any criticism of his authoritative, ultra conservative approach of governance.  Harper is counting that because of recent murders Canadians will forget about the scandals under his leadership.

While these murders are not acts of terrorist, Harper’s foreign policy does put Canadians at risk of having future attacks as retaliation.  Once he declared war, he has made Canada a target.  Under his leadership, Canada lost the respect that it had when Canada’s military was seen as peace keepers.

Now we are seen in the same light as the Americans, we are now seen as war mongers.


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