Fredericton Citizens Speak Out Against Bill C-51

Citizens against Bill C-51

By André Faust

In cities across Canada people gathered together on this day March 14, to voice their concerned about negative impact that Harper’s anti-terrorist bill will have on Canadians right to freedom of speech and freedom of assembly.
Citizens of Fredericton took to the streets and congregated at the steps of city hall and publically denounced bill C-51 and related laws associated with this bill. Several speakers spoke on the “Evils” of this bill.

This vaguely written bill transforms CSIS Canadian Security Intelligence Service from just a spy agency to an enforcement agency. Under this proposed bill CSIS would be giving the power to derail terrorist activity, remove terrorist propaganda, Detain Canadians up to seven days if CSIS believe they are directly or indirectly connected with “Terrorist activity”. All these new powers will be given to CSIS without any over sight.

The way Bill C-51 is written it defines it’s the act of the individual or group that defines whether one is a terrorist or not. According to the anti-terrorist bill c-51 any act that unlawfully threatens the safety of anyone, unlawfully threatens the infrastructure or the economy will be deemed as a terrorist. In other words this anti-terrorist bill is to protect the government and the economical ruling class.Terrorist Boggie Man

What this does in effect is target, unions, environmental groups and any person or group that wants to limit the powers of the ruling class. Under this bill all that needs to be done is to legislate an activity as unlawful, then then the whole system activates to stop any dissention that Canadians may have against the government or the corporate elites.

Anyone trying to improve the conditions in their community under this bill is a Candidate to be jailed without due process.


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