Irving Sued $50M by Former Oil President

Oil President Mike Ashar Sues Irving 50 M

By André Faust

Irving, New Brunswick’s dark Oligarch is once again facing civil litigation. Irving is well known for using its financial and corporate might to coerce the province of New Brunswick to bow down to its corporate demands. Irving’s recent antics with the province forced a forestry deal contract on to the province that is beyond the province financial ability to cover the legal cost should the province wish to terminate the forestry deal contract with Irvings.

Irving has a reputation of showing no mercy or compassion when it comes to ending their employment or contract relationships with their employees or contractors. Historically it was common practice for Irving to force their gas station operators out, once they made the business success, then replacing those operators with managers at a considerably lower rate of pay.

Mike Ashar lawsuit sheds some light on how unscrupulous the Irving are when they are finished exploiting their people. According to CBC and other sources, Mike Ashar was pushed out of his job, once he met his objectives with the Irvings. As stated in his statement of claim to get him out they made his work a living hell.

“During 2012 and the first few months of 2013 there were many instances of misconduct and inappropriate behaviour involving members of the Irving family that created an intolerable and poisoned work environment for Mr. Ashar.”

Not only did the Irving’s make the work environment unbearable for Mr. Ashar, but also they kept his email account active and continued to monitor his emails long after they dismissed him.

In addition to the $50 million for breach of contract, Mr. Ashar asking for $200,000 in punitive damages and $50,000 for invasion of privacy. Mike Ashar must have much deeper pockets than the province of New Brunswick to Challenge the Irving’s in a court battle.


2 thoughts on “Irving Sued $50M by Former Oil President

  1. Hi Andre – interesting article. I didn’t realize Irving has a history of forcing gasoline operators out once they made the business a success. Can you provide an example of a station?

    • There was an Irving station down in my area, were the first proprietor took the station from a simple 2 bay service station to a four bay station and added a convenience store and trucking stop. He spent about 10 years to build the business up, Irvings response after 10 years was to increase the rent to such an amount where it was not longer feasible for him to operate the business. They hired a manager at the lowest wage. I think the salary was about 13,000 per annume, the bottom line Irving was able to maximize his returns at the expense someone who invested and took all the risk to bring the business to the point that it was very profitable.

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