Jobs Justice Climate Action: Walk was a success

By André Faust

A well-attended rally/march held on July 4 in Fredericton drew a diverse group of people except for representatives from the Conservative, NDP and Liberal party. The only MLA that was present was David Coon of the Green Party. The rally in Fredericton joined the other nationally held rallies across Canada on this day.

Coordinated by the 350 organized these rallies represent one the most diverse climate mobilization ever seen in Canada’s history, sending a clear message to those running in the upcoming federal elections that Canadians are seeing importance of improving and maintaining the integrity of the global environment.

Conservative Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper has focused his attention of promoting the one industry: fossil fuels at the expense of the environment. Harper has walked away from the Kyoto accord, changes in the navigable waters act to remove barriers that prevented pollution of the waterways by big industry.

Under the new anti-terrorism legislation, Harper included that interference with the oil industry is an act of terrorism, and those responsible will be treated under the law as terrorist.

Leadnow an independent advocacy organization that engages people in participatory decision-making was present circulating a pledge to encourage block voting against the Harper government.








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