Chinese Communists claim Stephen Harper as role model

Anonymous Contributor

SHARE WITH FRIENDS…I feel better now I just flushed the last bit of conservative I had in me. Lowering taxes to corporations has done squat for Canadians. Where’s all the jobs Harper? Harper imported 400,000 TFWs to replace Canadian workers along with becoming most secretive and corrupt PM in Canadian history.The most appalling Conservative Attack add is Harper himself. How did Harper become a multi-millionaire while in public office while adding $200,000,000,000 to our national dept that the RCMP need to investigate. China who love him for allowing them to export our natural resources – Nexen/CNOOC/Progress) Steve, himself, is just blind with power and won’t admit he royally screwed us up. Good luck in your future Nexen Chinese Executive Board position Steve! We won’t miss you and your “sell out Canadian’s” attitude one bit.


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