Editorial: Tories rolling back rights

Ottawa Citizen

Last year, Dillon Hillier — a Carleton Place native, former Canadian Forces soldier and the son of Progressive Conservative MPP Randy Hillier — travelled to Kurdistan to help the Kurdish Peshmerga fight ISIL militants. He helped to liberate a town and provided medical aid to a downed ally, calling it the greatest day of his life.

On Sunday, Stephen Harper said a re-elected Conservative government would impose a blanket ban on travel to regions of the world controlled by terrorist groups. The penalty for breaking a similar law in Australia is 10 years in prison.

“There is absolutely no right in this country to travel to an area under the governance of terrorists,” the Conservative leader said at a rally in Ottawa.

In fact, freedom of mobility is a human right, enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and in our Constitution. The government can restrict it, as with any right, but only…

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