Immigration Into New Brunswick Is Not A French-English Issue: Setting The Record Straight


By André Faust

The province of New Brunswick has been experiencing a steady population decline due to outmigration of the provinces youth and the senior population passing on which is becoming a serious problem for the future of New Brunswick. According to posts on social media the problem appears to be simplified to a French-English issue, simply the province is actively recruiting immigrants from France to displace New Brunswick workers, however there does not appear to be any bases to the claims that NB is specifically soliciting French immigrants to come to New Brunswick to take jobs away.

In a recent press release premier, Brian Gallant states the outmigration problem and a strategic solution to the problem.

New Brunswick is facing a number of significant population challenges, including youth outmigration and a population which is aging at one of the fastest rates in Canada. Although New Brunswick may be the first province to feel the impacts of this demographic decline, similar trends are projected to impact the rest of Canada in the foreseeable future.

This demographic shift will create opportunities, but also challenges, for New Brunswick. When retirees leave the workforce, for example, we must access new workers to ensure our economy thrives. As youth outmigration trends are projected to remain high, we are looking towards immigration as a tool for building our workforce. The New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is essential to New Brunswick’s immigration growth efforts; however, this program has remained capped by the federal government at 625 base nominations annually for the last five years.

In order to ensure New Brunswick receives an equitable share of economic immigration to Canada, we have urged the federal government increase our PNP cap to 1,500 nominations in 2016.

We are willing and ready to work with the federal government to help attract more people with the knowledge and skills needed to maintain a prosperous future for New Brunswick.

An individual wishing to immigrate to New Brunswick has to meet strict immigration criteria to gain entry into the province, and even if the individual meets the established criteria there is no guarantee for that person that they will be accepted into the province. Priority will only be given to those applicants who have the greatest potential to become economically established in New Brunswick regardless of country of origin.

Additional information about immigration into New Brunswick can be found on the provincial web site

If we do not act now to bring in new blood into the province to create new employment opportunities, the future of the Province looks dismal.


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