Stephen Harper Is the Terrorist Canadians Should Most Fear.

Just Say No to Harper in 2015

By any definition of “terrorism,” Stephen Harper is the terrorist Canadians should most fear.

A secret police force, secret trials, and secret judicial decisions that limit your Charter rights, this is what Bill C-51 introduces to Canada.

Harper Terrorist

Bill C-51 is a legal bomb. It puts far more Canadians at risk than ISIS ever will. It’s designed to intimidate.

It’s easy to think you won’t be affected by this new law of terror, but you’re wrong. It’s broad enough to affect everyone.

They might not come for you at first, but, eventually, they will. History tell us that.

Let’s work together to build a chorus of opposition that delivers one clear message to all Canadians who care to listen: Just Say No To Harper in 2015.

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