Stephen Harper steals 58 Billion From the Unemployment Insurance Fund to Balance the Books

Stephen Harper uses the Unemployment Insurance fund paid into by workers to balance budget

The original intention of unemployment insurance was to provide a means to help workers who became unemployed. The fund originally covered both a payout based on the percentage of the workers income. In addition, the fund was also used cover the full cost to train or retrain employees who became unemployed.
Since the original foundation of the unemployment insurance plan, much has changed since the time that Stephen Harper took office. Even though the fund was a surplus, Stephen Harper made drastic changes to the eligibility criteria, which excluded most workers who still paid into the fund and unable to collect on the benefits.

The hardest hit where the seasonal workers living in the Maritimes, and fishing Island communities such as Campobello and Grand Manan economies were devastated. The rest of Canada was effected but not to the extent as the Maritimes.

This new re adjustment that Stephen Harper did created a vast surplus in the Unemployment fund, which should been used to cover the full cost of training and retraining employees. As it currently stands, the employee has to come up with 50% of the cost for training or retraining.
Instead, rather than putting the money back into the workers, he transferred 58 billion dollars into general revues to create the illusion that balanced the budget during his campaign,

Up until his Harper’s campaign Canada was Billions of Dollars then overnight it was a surplus an impossibility unless you rob Peter to pay Paul. Stephen Harper it is time that you walk the Plank!


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