Matt Decourcey Most Likely To Defeat Conservative Keith Ashfield In The Swing Riding Of Fredericton

Matt Decourcy LeadNowby André Faust

The motive behind Strategic voting is to vote out the Harper regime.  In previous elections Harper depended on split voting.  During the last election the Conservative received 40% of the votes, the remainder was split between the other parties. The danger of this once again occurring is great.

According to posts on social media there are those who have lumped all the parties together saying they are all the same, nothing could be further from the truth.  Harper stands alone, during his reign he has consistently demonstrated that he is an autocratic, authoritative totalitarian leader. Some say that he is a decisive leader, but so where Idi Amin, Stalin, Hitler, Genghis Khan, Vlad III the Impaler.  All were Machiavellians.

Once we get this deceiving conniving Harper out, focus can be made on changing the First Past the Post to a variant of proportional voting, where tyrants as the likes of Harper can never again assume power.

At the end of the day, do we vote for our preferred party and take the chance that Harper will once again win on split votes, or to we vote strategically and lower the odds for a Harper re election.  The decision is yours.


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