New Opportunities For the Conservative Party


By André Faust (Oct 25, 2015)

October 19, 2015 ended the Harper era. How will history reflect on his autocratic reign over his party and over Canada only time will tell. Harper is well known through the political spectrum both nationally and internationally as a man who ruled with an Iron hand, things had to be “his way or the highway” offering no comprises to his opponents on any issues that was counter to the Harper way.

Stephen Harper iron fist
Stephen Harper ruled with an Iron hand

On several occasions when he was backed into a corner, he would prorogue parliament thereby ending the parliamentary session. In 2008, he prorogued parliament to avoid a vote of non-confidence, in 2009 to avoid what he perceived as a problematic investigation into the treatment of Afghan detainees. 2013 he prorogued parliament for 20 days to avoid questions in regards to senate spending every time Harper has prorogued parliament was to avoid the consequences of his actions… Harper currently holds the record of 181 days for shutting down parliament.

Stephen Harper consistently used giant omnibus bills, some were over 800 pages in length, the sub bills that were never debated, were in most cases very different bills then title of the main bill. Bill C-38 Jobs, Growth and Long-term Prosperity Act, which completely gutted Canada’s environmental laws, cut $36-billion from health care funding, weakened Canada’s food inspectors through job cuts, and made it harder to qualify for EI benefits an addition the bill included a provision that essentially cleared the R.C.M.P for their part in the gun-registry.

For the conservatives, Harpers tyranny is over, and it is time to turn a new page. It appears that Harper attempted to reform Canada, and the way that Canadians think, even though he was never given that mandate.

The Conservative party has a chance to start a new, and re defining its mission statement to coincide with Canadian values. If the party does not change its political philosophy and maintains the status quo that Harper has created, the party in the next election my find it’s self like the dodo bird, extinct.


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