Isis Conflict, Prelude To WWW III?

ISIS an act of war

If cool heads don’t prevail we could set ourselves up for world war III

By André Faust Nov 17, 2015

The tragic events that have unfolded in Paris France by the ISIS merciless attack has sent shock waves of anger and disgust around the globe that seems to have created a generalize hate for all Muslims even though it is only a small sect that is responsible for such horrendous violence. In other words, all Muslims are judged on the actions of a few.

As Terrible and horrendous this attack was, it is of utmost important that we do not give into the emotional knee jerk reaction where the immediate reaction is to Bomb the piss out of the ISIS, believing that this will resolve the issue, but chance are it will exacerbate the problem. You can kill the players but you cannot kill the ideology. The faces change but the roles remain the same. For example; The Americans extensively bombed Baghdad and kill off Saddam Hussein, Bin Laden and his generals as a solution. Russia tried its hand at trying to end the ISIS power by mercilessly attacking Syria then claiming they had eradicated “The terrorist group”. In reality, new leaders and generals emerged to continue the fight.

What did the American and Russian efforts accomplish in the long term? Not much, actually the outcome seems to be totally opposite to the desired results. ISIS retaliated by downing a Russian plane, and successfully attacking Beirut and Paris. Now France has once again attacked Syria in retaliation to the ISIS attack on France.

The challenge that the military strategist has for the dominate players is, how can you destroy an enemy that does not have any physical boundaries. This is a major distinction between conventional warfare and the fight with ISIS, with conventional warfare, the military could target a city or country, but fighting ISIS is like trying to battle a metastatic cancer ISIS is spread out, ISIS is not centralized so, conventional or old school military strategies against ISIS is not going to work.

Using power on power to try to suppress the enemy may take us into World War III, ISIS is not static, but very dynamic, it is foreseeable that if the war between ISIS and the dominant powers continues and as more and more countries get involved a global war becomes a possibility. Both World War I and III were not caused by a single event, but by a series of events that caused relationships between countries to fight the perceived enemy relative to the countries position. If this pattern emerges with this conflict, the worst can be expected.


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