Ethnic Profiling Another Word For Discrimination


By André Faust (Dec, 28, 2015)

Ethnic profiling is the use of racial, ethnic, national, or religious characteristics as a way of singling out people for identity or security checks. Ethnic profiling generally refers to law enforcement and security officers making decisions about who is suspicious based on race, ethnicity, or ethnic identity rather than reasonable suspicion. However, it is no longer limited to law enforcement, security personnel and border guards it has spilled into the realm of politics.

Recently in Canada, we have seen former Prime Minister Stephen Harper profiling Muslims as being terrorist. Assigning negative traits from the actions of a few to all to entice fear among Canadians, hoping that this fear will convince Canadians that he is the only one who can save them from the “Terrorist Threat”.

The consequence of Harpers ethnic profiling is that it justified racism against all Muslims by some Canadians, which placed the Muslim community at risk of injury. Fortunately, the majority of Canadians did not buy into Harper’s fear mongering tactics and elected him out.

This does not seem to be the case in the upcoming presidential election in regards to Donald Trump. Unlike the Canadian experience there does not seem to be a backlash to Trump’s hate propaganda. Unlike Harper, Trump is not limiting himself to just what he terms as the Muslim threat, but to all immigrants. Yet it seems that the populous seems to be buying into his solution to keep America Free from terrorist and immigrants. Like Stephen Harper Trump is reinforcing racism in America.

What is being accomplished is racism is transferred from the black community to Muslim and immigrant community by using ethnic profiling to set these communities apart from the “American Community”.


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