Dave Pedersen apologies to Charles Leblanc on Social Media

Dave Pedersen apologies to Charles Leblanc on Social Media
Left: Dave Pedersen Right: Fredericton Blogger Charles Leblanc

Mr. Leblanc: I give up , you win… I apologize for insulting you, and for giving you the finger when you were pointing your camera at me. I was obviously in the wrong.

I understand that you are a man who struggled hard for his right to post on social media his views and opinions and to ricicule public figures so far as to post their pictures on your blog with insulting comments and calling them nazi’s among other names because you had an ongoing issue with them.

You fought for that right and I guess you won didn’t you. You’re quite the activist, Congratulations Mr. Leblanc , blogger, champion of human rights, public rights watchdog some would say .

You fight so hard for your right to voice your opinion yet when I voiced my opinion you marched right in to the buissness I was delivering to and demanded they get rid of me or you would sue Them, and I for, uuuuhh … I’m not sure what ,, hurting your feelings, I guess.

As it happens I don’t work for them, I work for a private courier company that has had a contract with them for a few years. For the past five years I have been driving 380 kms every day of the week, almost 100,000 km’s a year to fulfill this contract. 500,000 kilometers without so much as a traffic ticket or a complaint from anyone. I pay my own excpenses, vehicle , gas, maintenence, even a commercial plate so I can use the commercial parking spot . I am( was ) a contract worker so I pay my own income tax, and cpp.

No E.I. no union to fall back on, no income at all. All because You Mr. Leblanc were the only one who wanted the publicity. The best decision was to get rid of me rather than to deal with you in court.

What was my crime? What did I say that hurt your feelings so bad that you had to have me lose my only source of income.

I am quite sure that all the time you were fighting for your right you were still getting your cheque. The very system you were fighting was the same one that puts food on your table. But you see fit to ruin me and my reputation because I insulted you when I was having a bad day.

You see mr. Leblanc I have been on meds for years for depression and anxiety and I have been trying to get these meds adjusted because I have been suffering some bad side effects ( nervousness, anxiety, irritability ) but my Dr. has retired and the specialist that prescribed three of the meds I take has retired and I have been trying for a few months now to get them adjusted, but it is not as easy to get to see a new specialist as some would have you believe.

Two things that really bother me are small waiting rooms full of people and camera’s pointing at me. The Waiting room thing makes it very difficult to go to a clinic or the outpatients waiting room at the hospital. The camera thing is the reason most people see my middle finger when they take my picture without permission.

Monday morning the roads were treacherous and hard on the nerves, then I fell on the ice in a slippery parking lot while doing my job. Tuesday morning the roads were just wet and dirty by Wednesday I was having a bad week. I am sorry. When I saw you with your camera out I could only think you were trying to stir up trouble and it irritated me so I said what was on my mind, that you were an asshole wasting peoples time. ( Haven’t you ever just felt like calling someone an asshole, or maybe nazi …) well I saw you and your camera and something clicked and I said it. I am very sorry for that no w, I thought I had the same rights as you, to voice my opinion in public, it seems I am wrong. You really are special Mr. Leblanc, you can get a man fired for insulting you. It seems to me you are a very powerful person. I am sorry I said it because It cost me my livelyhood and has caused my beautiful wife of 38 years to cry and that breaks my heart.

You may not remember me but I first met you, about 4 years ago when I was behind you on the number 7 highway and three times you threw garbage out your window and you were also taking pictures while you were driving, both these things are illegal. I drive that road every day and it offends me to see the garbage and P jugs and I guess I take it personal when I see someone just throwing garbage out their window and disregarding the saftey of others by taking pictures while driving. At least four people have died on that highway since I started that job.I found out it was you because we had to stop at some road construction, they were replacing the big culvert on the Geary bypass and you got out to take pictures and you were wearing your blogger jacket. I told you then you should do something on your blog about littering because you were so good at it and you got defensive and said that tissues weren’t litter. What you threw out looked a lot more to me like fast food wrappers and napkins but litter is litter , am I right?

I decided then to check out your blog and I was disgusted by some of the things you had on there. In my opinion NAZI is not a name to publicly call the police in this city. I have lived in this area for 40 years and I think we should be thankful to the people that do their best to make the beautiful city of Fredericton safe and to the public officials that make Fredericton such a great place. Winter festivals, music festivals, the harvest jazz & blues, the playhouse… Two respected Universitys, my son has his masters degree from unb and I have a wonderful daughter and son in law that are both very kind and giving people, I am a very proud father and grampy.

Our opinions of Fredericton seem to differ, and I personaly do not like you, I have no respect for a man who does not practice what he preaches, and you sir are a fake activist, you will fight for your rights but to hell with any one else’s rights if they don’t agree with you.

Oh btw, yes I am fat, thank you and some of your followers for pointing that out, I had no way of knowing that before you told me. I hope none of your followers are overweight because some people can get offended when you call them a fat bozo, lucky for me that my fat is all covered by a thick skin and I don’t have to sue anyone for hurting my feelings. I couldn’t afford to sue anyone because thanks to your thin skin I am now out of a job and I have a little too much pride to ask the public to support me in some foolish waste of taxpayers money that I think would be far better spent supporting the shelter or the home for battered women, but hey , that is just my opinion. It is also my opinion that you and a few commenters on your blog are nothing more than cyber bullies that never grew up, but if it makes you feel good then all the more power to you.

History has proven that power in the wrong hands can be a terrible weapon!

In closing Mr. Leblanc I would like to say that I will continue to think of you in the same manner but in the future I will try to keep my opinion to myself because you are far too powerful for me to deal with.

Sincerely : Dave Pedersen



2 thoughts on “Dave Pedersen apologies to Charles Leblanc on Social Media

  1. Hey Charles, for the record, it was sarcasm.
    You should be the one apologizing and doing everything in your power to get this man his job back, as well as retract your ridiculous statements you made about my father.

    Fredericton seriously needs a big boy panty depot downtown, and you sir need a few pairs put on!

  2. at least you can get another job Dave, no employer in NB would touch Charles with a 20 foot pole leaving him to struggle on welfare hendouts.. Good luck.

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