You’re a welfare bum….go at the soup kitchen were you belong

By André Faust Feb 26, 2016

Charles Leblanc Condems those who belittle those on Income assistance
Blogger Charles LeBlanc

One of the socially acceptable form of discrimination is discrimination based on income, if one is homeless, or in a position where they cannot financially maintain themselves, or on social income assistance “Welfare” they are seen as somewhat less than human, which then becomes a human rights issue. There is no difference from making ethnic racial slurs to demean a person and making derogatory remarks to demean a person because they are at the bottom of the financial ladder.

What is interesting is that we tend to blame those who are at a financial disadvantage and those who receive a meager penitence in the form of assistance. While it is recognized that there a some people who landed in poverty as a direct result of making bad financial and lifestyle decisions, but there is a greater number of people who have fallen to the bottom of the financial ladder as a result of circumstances that are beyond their control, like losing their jobs for whatever reason and health reasons. No one blames the employer for closing their doors thus creating mass unemployment which can cause people if other employment is not found with a reasonable time to be forced to become dependent on income assistance to attain some of the necessities of life, yet income assistance does not provide all of the necessities of life.

The reality is that a change in a person circumstances could mean welfare or homelessness, which could happen to anyone. Most don’t look at that homeless person or the person on income assistance and think that they could be in that position just as easy if they lose their source of income, and in an economically unstable environment the likely hood of people losing their jobs increases every year.

“You’re a welfare bum….go at the soup kitchen were you belong” – Dave Pedersen

In the preceding video Blogger Charles LeBlanc points out that people on income assistance are treated as something that is less than a human. While unfortunate for Dave Pedersen, his dismissal for his condescending remarks directed at those on income assistance. Sends a clear message “Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated!”


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