Pedersen Claims Blogger Lied And Exaggerated The Facts That Led To His Termination Of Employment

Editor’s note: The following is a letter from Dave Pedersen giving his account of what happen during the verbal exchange between himself and Blogger Charles Leblanc in front of the NB power building which led Charles Leblanc to launch a complaint to NB power.

The complaint resulted in the termination of Mr. Pedersen employment with the courier contractor that Mr. Pedersen was working for.

In a YouTube video commentary Leblanc explains the exchange that Pedersen and him had, and the resulting complaint to NB power.

The following is a Facebook message from Mr. Pederson explaining his account of the of the NB power incident.

Dave Pedersen
Dave Pedersen

The first confrontation was 4 years ago, what he said about Monday never happened, I have been in contact with Mr. Horsman, he had nothing to do with it.

Charles Leblanc is a spiteful little man that lied about me and exaggerated everything that happened because I hurt his feelings in front of Steven Horsman, A man that Chaz has harassed for years.

I welcome Steven Horsman’s account of what happened. And for record I had no idea who it was but it was Steven Horsman I was talking to , Not Chaz, and I said , and I quote. ” I would be doing a lot better if this asshole wasn’t out here wasting your time. ” For all I knew he was an N.B. Power executive, I wish it had been , then they would know the truth.

It did not matter to me at the time who it was, he ask me a question and I answered him, ( Steven Horsman ) looked at me and said ” how are you doing sir.” had Chaz not been there I would have said ” I am wonderful sir, how are you?” as is my customary answer.

I am done talking about this on the internet and trying to compete with people that have far more experience at it that I.. In Closing Mr. Faust I would like to apologize once more. I am sorry that I supported occupy Fredericton, at the time I thought it was the right thing to do. Now after dealing with some of those involved I realize that I was wrong. Have a nice day Mr. Faust.

Submitted by: Dave Pedersen

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