Languages Commissioner Katherine d’Entremont Zero Tolerance on Bilingualism



By André Faust

Divide and Conquer seems the words of the day for languages commission Katherine d’Entremont. She appears to be adamant in creating divisions between the Anglophone and Francophone communities in the Province of New Brunswick, which is ironical considering that the New Brunswick Commission on Hydraulic Fracture made a blanket statement that in order to advance New Brunswick all New Brunswickers have work together and have trust in each other. D’Entremont’s actions are not conducive in bring in New Brunswickers together.

She begin her personalized assault on the Anglophone population when she set up commissionaire Wayne Grant, when she went and spoke to him in French, Mr. Grant told her that he could not speak French but he could get someone who was bilingual to look after her, so she was not denied service. Following the setup she filed a complaint with her own commission. How non biased is that! All of a sudden she is Judge, Jury and Executioner.

The further her crusade against the Anglophone community she drafted her own report to justify her actions against Mr. Grant. According to her report all commissionaires have to be bilingual in the Centennial building so that they can give immediate service in French. Realistically the only requirement that is need is to provide the service in a timely manner. Does her ambition to get ahead over ride common sense.

The Gallant government have been wanking about cost cutting and have initiated several strategies to try to mitigate the deficit, however her actions of having to have everyone bilingual will increase the cost to the government which is the antithesis of what the government is trying to do.

On the practical side, the number of bilingual persons should reflect the ratio between Anglophones and Francophone. If you are in a region that is 70% English and 30% French, then the number of bilingual persons need should reflect that ratio of 7:3 so there should be 7 uni-lingual persons to 3 bilingual persons. Keeping things proportional would serve both communities. Whether it is in the Northern part of the province where the there is a greater number of Francophone to English ratio, if you are in another region where there is a greater number of Anglophone to French ratio.

Katherine d’Entremont by her prejudice against the English speaking community is dividing the province and not in a good way.

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4 thoughts on “Languages Commissioner Katherine d’Entremont Zero Tolerance on Bilingualism

  1. Ignorant bigot is all she is, a waste of good oxygen.
    I grew up in a French/English house hold and find this ridiculous.
    99% of the French in this province speaks English.

  2. I have said this for years Steve. My experience no matter where I go in this province, business people can speak English and therefore I assume that people in the area need that language just for convenience or a necessity. We simply have to find a way for both linguistic groups to put a stop to this Witch.

  3. I have to admit that I have been really frustrated and angry about the way the language issue in NB has been forcing english people out of government jobs and creating an environment where the majority are not treated as equals.

    As tax payers and citizens of this province we can’t afford to continue the way things are going. Now we have anglophone and francophone schools and some are trying to create a separate bussing system. This does not build unity, it creates an environment where we don’t understand or interact with each other.

    This madness has to stop, we are creating an environment where english and french resent each other and things like this are only creating a bigger divide and creating more tension between the two communities.

    I have always considered myself to be fair and I treat everyone equal. I have and do work with french people and have never had any problems.

    But my frustration has become so bad that when I hear a french accent, hear someone speak french, see signs in french or even see an acadian flag or anything I get angry and feel hate for all of them. I know I’m not the only english person who feels this way.

    I don’t want to hate these people it’s wrong. They are my neighbours and people I talk to every day. We all have to live together in this province. The problem is a few people is positions of power have agendas and they have to be stopped or they are going to destroy NB. The bilingual system as it stands is not serving everyone equally and is going to bankrupt our province divide us.

    French people have to take a stand against these people also. I suspect they feel like they have more to loose than english people do but they have to remember that 40 years ago or more when bilingualism started it was supported by english people who wanted everybody to be equal. now french people have to do the same if we are going to become a thriving province where we can afford to live.

    I’m not against bilingualism or french people, I am against the current system we have because it is too expensive, it doesn’t serve everyone equally and it is dividing our province.

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