Natural Gas Is Safe According to Fossil Fuel Industry Experts

By André Faust

It’s hard to have trust in the honesty and integrity of big business, for example in the fracking industry, The industry will all ways tell you that there is no danger in the extraction and use of natural gas. Any evidence brought to the to counter their claim, they reject as anecdotal, or dismiss the evidence in its entirety.

The following video tells a different story.

Back in 2008 in the city of Fredericton New Brunswick Canada a house blew up as a result of a malfunctioning valve, fortunately the residents were in Florida.

Last year in February 24 a New Jersey Home exploded as a result of natural gas igniting, in that case there were fifteen people injured as a result of that explosions.

How can you trust those trying to profit from the extraction, and the transportation of shale gas when they tell you that they are no risk involved.

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