Bilingualism is part of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Being educated in the language of your choice is a fundamental right


Letter to the Editor:

To begin, I’d like to state that I am a unilingual Anglo. I work for our province with other many unilingual Anglos. All meetings are held in English. If there is some conspiracy against hiring anglophones, we didn’t get that memo.In the past, Many of us went along with the Anglo groups’ sentiment of duality .
( I say Anglo groups because it’s not all Anglos who share the opinions of the groups)
However, the majority of us who actually have these conversations with francophones and actually *listened*to them and tried to understand where they were coming from, I can say that we were ignorant.

Along with gender equality, freedom of religion , race equality , Bilingualism is part of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Being educated in the language of your choice is a fundamental right. Busses are considered part of the education system, as determined by the Supreme Court of Canada. Two systems is duality. Duality often comes hand in hand with equalization because it is necessary. These things cost money, and as Canadians I am willing to pay at any cost for everyone to be equal.

You may not “like” it, but That is a cost that the people who represented our population agreed that we would pay. Targeting bussing is spending a lot of energy where it is costing more to bring this to the courts than it will cost to run busses for the next decade, for the sake of a handful of children who have been taking a taxi, or have a bus come to their rural area. The costs of dual buses and dual education are literally a drop in the bucket of our provincial debt.

Maybe the education we got gave us a raw deal, maybe Its my fault that I never applied the French I learned in high school to real life, and maintain it as I should have. Why aren’t these groups fighting for more intense language courses in school, why aren’t they fighting to have more languages taught to prepare our children for our global economy and commerce? In Europe, children learn 3-5 languages in school.

that being said, when a group focuses on not “liking” duality , or the 10 cents of their taxes that are used to pay for it, wether you realize it or not, it is a direct target on the equal right of francophones to have their own education system. – Curtis Jay

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