Kris Austin continues to advocate for one license plate, two year vehicle registration option among changes to MVA during Albert county town hall speech

krisAustinThe leader of the People’s Alliance Party is calling on the provincial government to follow through on making changes to the Motor Vehicle Act that would save the province money and improve service for New Brunswickers.

In November 2015, Minister Victor Boudreau hinted with CBC that two changes could be coming for drivers. The first change was to go paperless if you shall choose, which would allow New Brunswickers to receive their renewal notice via email. The second change was to allow vehicle owners to register for a two year term, rather than the current annual renewal. The changes could save the province more than $500,000 annually, a long standing policy of the People’s Alliance Party.

“Not only would it directly save $500,000 per year,” says Party leader Kris Austin, “it would also indirectly save by freeing wait times which currently can be 30 minutes, an hour, or more. These simple changes would save the province money, resources and most importantly save people time.”

In early 2014 the People’s Alliance released its policy on changes to the Motor Vehicle Act, highlights included:

– Giving drivers the options to renewal their registration every two years
– Removing the front license plate requirement
– No longer requiring a license plate sticker
– Passenger vehicle inspections every two years on vehicles 6 years or newer, or under 150,000 kilometers

Excluding the registration switch, other changes revealed a total cost savings of over $600,000 per year. Factoring in Liberal estimates on the two year registration option, combined savings would be well over $1 million each and every year.

Austin says six provinces and all three territories only require a rear plate, making the New Brunswick two plate law among only a few.

“New Brunswickers see the front plate as redundant, costly”, says Austin, “We expect government to run as efficiently as possible and by holding onto practices that are outdated, holds us back. We encourage the government to adopt our MVA changes, which are just common sense.”


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