SPC have a better standard of care for their animals than the provincial jails have for their inmates

Today’s focus is in on the questionable death of Carolyn Marie Warnock who at the time of her death was “legally” Innocent.

On June 3, 2015 while on remand 26-year-old inmate Carolyn Marie Warnock died because her custodians at the New Brunswick’s Women’s Correctional Centre in Miramichi refused to provide proper medical attention that could have save her life. This action of failing to provide her the necessities of life can be viewed as a criminal act on the part of the institution.

No one has denied that Miss Warnock over a period of 6 weeks complained of persistent agonizing headaches to fellow inmates and staff, yet after hearing her constant complaints, the staff at the institution chose not take all of the necessary medical steps to determine whether the cause of her headaches were life threatening. Unfortunately, we know the consequence. she died!

Had she not been an inmate in the custody of the New Brunswick’s Women’s Correctional Centre, but a person seeking help at the Emergency room, the attending doctors would have used every diagnostic tools available to them including CAT and/or MIR scans to find the root cause of her headaches.

In addition, had she have been a child or a senior in the care of a caregiver who refused to provide the proper medical attention and death ensued, the would have been a public outcry and charges would have been laid.

We know that she died of an abscess that was allowed to grow and fester over the course of six weeks, each day, the abscess grew, and as it grew, it put more and more pressure on her brain creating excruciating unbearable pain until the abscess exploded in her head terminating her young life!

Public safety and the chief corner were asked about the details regarding the circumstances of Carolyn’s death, instead they said it was “personal health information” and in the province of New Brunswick not required to comment because it is considered private information.” What a convenient way to avoid accountability.

Had Miss Warnock died in a federal prison, Correctional Services of Canada would have released the details of the death. Talk about a double standard Eh!

The obvious question has to be answered is, had she received proper medical attention from physician when she first complained about her headaches could her death have been averted?

This is not the first time that an inmate has died because of a critical biological malfunction that could have been averted had medical attention been immediately given.

Back in the early 80’s at the Brunswick St provincial jail in Fredericton an inmate who was a friend of my brother complained about a lump on his neck and wanted to go to the emergency room to have it check out by a physician, the jailor believed the inmate just want break from jail denied him his much needed medical attention. Upon release from his six-month sentence, the inmate immediately sought medical attention, but it was too late. The diagnose given to him was cancer at the fourth stage, had the jailor took immediate action that person’s life may have been spared and like Carolyn’s case, no one was held accountable for, he came from a poor family, no money involved, no one was going to push the issue.

Given the peculiarities of this case it would be of public interest for the Minister of Justice and Public Safety to order a corner’s inquest into death of Carolyn Marie Warnock.

Compared to the provincial jails the SPCA has a far better reputation of looking after their animals then the provincial jails do looking after their inmates. What does that tell us, inmates are foul creatures who doesn’t deserve the standard of care that we give our pets.

We are more than the sum of the parts, until next time, Thank you.



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