Republican Robert Aderholt has tunnel vision when it comes to the environment, prefers short term gains over long term negative environmental consequences

by André Faust (Nov 24, 2016)
An American colleague sent me letter that was received by the colleague from Republican Robert Aderholt representative for Alabama’s 4th district responding the question to where he stood on the pipeline and other environmental concerns regarding the fossil fuel industry contaminating the aquifers and contributing to the greenhouse effect.

In his response, he seemed to be very confused about the aesthetics of nature and damage, he argued that while he endorses the fossil fuel industry because the economy needs it. The industry will not compromise aesthetics of the “Great Outdoors as he puts it.

The “Great Outdoor” is more that the appearance, the great outdoors consists every from the single cell invisible microbes living in the soil and water column, the Great Outdoors consists of a complex system of biological living organisms that are dependent on a balance to survive which ultimately can affect the quality of life that our arrogant human species share should that balance be altered in any way.

Aderholt obviously doesn’t see the planet as a closed system, anything which affects one part affects the another. The physics is there to support that, the physics also says that his Grandchildren will be living in an environmentally degrade biosphere that Aderholt is currently enjoying.

He has a reluctance in supporting technologies which can produce and efficiently use energy. The reason is that he is there to support the oil barons who have sunk a fortune in the inefficient environmentally hazardous technologies to extra/harvest fossil fuels.

Should Alternative technologies emerge too quickly these dinosaurs the old barons would lose their investments yet alternative technologies will create sustainable employment. Well, in the Words of Charles Darwin if you can’t adapt you get selected out.

Below is a copy of the letter

I like to thank the sender of the letter, the name of the sender has been omitted for their protection.


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