RT News Political Commentator John Bosnitch gives an analysis of the inexplicable US bombing of Syria

Reblogged from RT

RT: Happily to say that John Bosnitch political commentator that is joining us live from Belgrade’s capital of Serbia to speak more on that the situation on the developments overnight and through the day hi there John;

RT: And a Russian lawmaker has claimed that the US strike resembles other American interventions referring to Yugoslavia’s bombing among others you are of course speaking to us from Serbia’s a said what he meant of that comparison.

John Bosnitch: Well the difference the main difference here is that Trump is just barely taking over his own administration and we’re not even certain whether Pres. Trump is fully in control of the decision-making process in the United States. His chief campaign aide has been removed from the Security advisory Council, several of these key advisors have been pushed aside so one can’t yet be sure whether Trump himself is fully in charge of this decision-making process, that’s the big difference when the bombing took place here in the former Yugoslavia the plans were set in motion months in advance this looks like an ad hoc operation coming out of Washington today.

RT: The US carried out the attack without the approval we know of the UN’s Security Council without the permission of the Syrian government as well if fellow at UN membership we forget.

Is this a clear violation of international law?

John Bosnitch: If international law has any meaning anymore yes of course it is you can’t to harm another sovereign country no matter what the grounds. First he would have to have the permission of the country’s own government.  Second if it involved a disputed issue you would have to refer to the UN Security Council and the Security Council would have to conduct an investigation.

What’s happening here is been a rush to bombing without even an investigation of who was responsible for the for the chemical weapons incident nor any kind of coordination between the two governments and we do have an and that’s between the US and Syrian government but the other factor here is we have the government of Russia where President Putin has been in charge were well over a decade and his organization and his machine is moving smoothly and in coordination with the Syrian government.

What’s happening here is been a rush to bombing without even an investigation of who was responsible for the for the chemical weapons incident

We cannot say that about Washington, and in fact in Washington today many people are asking who made this decision.

RT: It was actually said a thought that UN Security Council John the pictures of which we’ve been showing for the broadcast that there is no evidence on who or how the chemical attack was carried out it leaves the question therefore why is Washington and its allies acting before the UN investigation?

John Bosnitch: Well you know not to go too deep into the speculation because we could imagine any possibilities here.  The first and most obvious would be that perhaps American intelligence personnel know that the Syrian government was not responsible for the chemical weapons incident but chose to flip-flopped this incident into a means to engage trump in aggressive military action that could be in other words a continuing battle between the deep state and the newly elected president chosen by the people of America that’s the first option.

The second option is that nobody knows who conducted the chemical weapons incident and that the United States is gone in a rush to judgment, which is quite strange given the United States concepts of fair trial fair hearing and democratic perspiration in decision-making. so either of these two possibilities are negative for the United States.

The third one that perhaps the Syrian government conducted this incident still wouldn’t be grounds for unilateral action by the United States and furthermore if the Syrian government conducted the the chemical weapons attack one would have to ask why? They’ve effectively won this war they were mopping up the resistance from Isis and from other Jihadist extremist groups. they were within weeks of what it would look like a complete victory and to suddenly provoke international attacks upon them makes no sense at all and I don’t hear anybody suggesting that Asaad is insane.

(In audible) So I cannot conclude that he made this decision.

RT: Well strategically bid Lib region was not all that important and in the in the light of all the at tragedy after a lot of corsets become very much so and one of the points you’re a senior Russian lawmaker has suggest that the Pentagon did not’s agree with Trump’s stance on Asaad previously because we heard from at a secretary of state we are from other US officials on from President Trump himself  that he was not against a presidential election for instance happening in Syria  and for president Asaad  being president in that meantime but now the opposite has occurred was there pressure put on is not a possibility do you think?

John Bosnitch: At this stage in the game anything is possible President Trump is very newly in office. he has not yet had the time to establish his own operations he is relying on a military especially military and intelligence infrastructure that was created and run now for decades by the people he defeated in the election. So we have the Clinton administration followed by the Bush administration followed by the Obama administration all following the same policy.

They’ve had almost 30 years to infiltrate and establish whatever kind of infrastructure they like. It cannot be cleaned up by Trump in a matter of three months.

There is a big battle ahead of us and it’s not in Syria it’s in Washington.

RT: John Bosnitch political commentator we appreciate your thoughts and your time in coming in the program this hour thank you.



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