City of Fredericton decimates Cedar Trees for safety reasons.

By André Faust (Oct 6, 2020)

The city of Fredericton NB, from what we know that cedar trees anecdotally around the old Government House, became victims of the chainsaws. The reason was given that it was recommended by the report “Crime Prevention through environmental design.

City crews commenced the dastardly act of removing these fifty-year-old trees, which were originally planted by the Garrison Club.

What is know is that this report was not made available to the public, and one councillor has stated that he never directly saw the report.

Because the city, as of date, refuses to make the report and the cost available to the public. There are no records of the agenda or the minutes of any meeting discussing these trees’ fate.

There are several different stories told why these trees were cut. One was to protect the Lieutenant governor from some terrorist attack; another reason was that people were defecating there and leaving spent drug needles. There those that say the trees were cut to discourage another tent city from being erected.

As a result of some different versions and interpretations, one does not really know why these healthy cedar trees were cut.

Several rights to information have been filed. The truth may be buried somewhere in the queried files.

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