Good damn sheeple eh!



Hi, I’m Andre Faust

Well, I’ve been away from this for quite a little while now. It seems I don’t know, geez, I guess I better have a little shot of rum here, right yeah, a little round its good stuff its aged 12 years.

So like I said, I haven’t done this too for quite a while and in part is because of the ridiculous amount of hours that I’ve been working. I’ve been a while back for 12 weeks. I was working night shifts
from nine in the evening to six in the morning, so it didn’t allow me too many opportunities to be able to do any of this kind of stuff, but tonight’s topic is the sheeple.

we’ve all heard the term sheeple, but what does it actually mean
sheeple means anyone who doesn’t agree with your position, yeah.

Ooh, that’s something profound, isn’t it? Holy shit, man, you’re really doing it to me, and why that is it is complicated uh it’s really, really complicated, and it all starts out with one you have a concept called the status quo, and you start from there, so your programming starts at the moment that you’re born. The first exposure that you have is, of course, the doctor with
the catcher’s mitt catches you as you, you know, out of the old well, I won’t say it because I want to get into some kind of problems from the
pro politically correct people.

But anyway you’re, you’re born the first really the first interaction with your environment uh is your parents, and of course, they instill on you
their values, their beliefs and all those kind of nice things; then time goes on, and you start school well, then the school starts programming you how to think, and then you get through school and then you have to deal with your community well it’s how the community sees you the status quo of the community so then you have work, and there’s programming that’s taking place there it may be subtle, but it’s there because you’re having a lot of social interaction right with other people.

I’m starting to think like a sociologist here. So, that’s how it all develops.

But you know, many, many years ago, I was as guilty as the next person on you know, yeah your a sheeple people because I mean I would you know present something and I would spend a lot of time researching it
getting the empirical evidence, and I’d get these responses, and wow, so okay, now I stopped responding.

Let’s examine that point; we think that we are rational people, but we’re not “Hint book publication, book publication” we’re not rational as what we think we are; we tend to be more emotional. Because we are emotional, that can be manipulated very, very easily.

Okay, now I kind of gave a hint, but I’m not going to give a spoiler alert to the book, so we have these people called the sheeple, so why are they sheeple? Well, to answer that, you’ve got to look at within yourself, you’ve got to look at your own biases and your own value system and then here comes the challenge to examine it objectively, and that is the challenge to be able to look at yourself in an objective way and understand and figure out why you believe what you believe that is the biggest hurdle that was something that you know came you know, face to face to me, I mean I faced the demon, uh, you know, because I always thought that, you know, I’m talking, you know, a few years back.

You know, I always thought I was, you know, a fairly educated person and that I was very open-minded, and once I got into introspection over a period of time. I realized that holy damn; I’m no better off than our ancestral knuckle-dragging low-brow ancestors.

So it took time for me to divorce my emotions to pure rational and purely rational, I mean, you know, really being critical, questioning everything.
It doesn’t matter, and while I mentioned that like, we’ve got some shit happening in the Ukrainian.

I don’t know what the truth is there. I mean, I’m l you know, reading American propaganda, I’m reading Russian propaganda, I’m reading Canadian propaganda everybody has got a spin on that, so which one
do you believe well they are you know some a little bit of guidance and uh and this is where critical thinking comes into is asking the right questions and then asking yourself what is the probable which one is most probable of being true, and that’s a difficult question to answer.

But anyway, I don’t want to go on rambling on, and that was just a few
points that I wanted to touch on, and I hope in a short period; I’ve been able to, if not give me the feedback tell me if I didn’t explain something
enough and like I said, there is a drawback because I will not give the
spoiler to the book that I’m writing, so anyway, I’m going to finish off with

 Thank you very much for tuning in to catching me catch my little ramble
and you know god bless, and as Mr. Spock would say, “live long and prosper.”

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