Facebook, Google and my Credit Card fall Victims to Hackers

By J. André Faust (December 27, 2022)

Early Monday morning, when I logged into Facebook to check my messages and see what new posts were posted. And what response I received for my Facebook posts instead, I was greeted with a message saying my account had been suspended. Because Facebook believed I was 13 years old or younger, which was against their terms of service.

Facebook requested a copy of my driver’s license to prove my age. Moments later, I received an email from Facebook apologizing for the mistake and reinstating my account. Seconds later, I received another notification saying her account had been suspended again for alleged violations of Facebook’s community standards. Facebook informed me that I could dispute this decision. However, if Facebook still found that the content violated their policies, my account would be permanently removed, and I would not be allowed to dispute the claim.

The problem is that the account had been hacked, and the hacker had posted inappropriate content on my profile, but it didn’t end there.

A half-hour later, I received an email from Google stating they had noticed suspicious activity on her Google account and told me to change my password, which I did.

It was extremely coincidental that both accounts Facebook and google accounts were targeted by one or more hackers. So, I checked my bank accounts.

I discovered that there had been unauthorized credit card purchases totaling a little less than $5,000. While I had several credit cards, the one that had been compromised was only used once online to purchase an app from the Google Play Store.

Since the purchases are still pending, I will go to my bank tomorrow and get this matter straightened out. Unfortunately, my Facebook account is still suspended.

One thought on “Facebook, Google and my Credit Card fall Victims to Hackers

  1. You’re a fool to trust Charles Leblanc who has unfathomable access to to do sit down chats with Higgs.. think about it.

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