The federal government is pushing Quebec to become a bilingual province

Quebec is in a precarious position. On the one hand, it wants to preserve the French language and culture. On the other hand, the Federal government wants to legislate bilingualism, contrary to Quebec’s trying to keep its linguistic heritage from being watered down.

Facing this contradiction, Quebec has two choices. Either separate from Canada and become its sovereign state and maintain its cultural and linguistic heritage or stay in Canada and be held accountable to the government of Canada and run the risk of losing its identity as a distinctive society.

Should Quebec choose to separate, it would have many challenges to overcome, which could take years to resolve these challenges.

It is unlikely that Quebec would have the stamina or tenacity to engage in a long-term battle to separate.


Le Québec est dans une situation précaire. D’une part, il veut préserver la langue et la culture françaises. D’autre part, le gouvernement fédéral veut légiférer sur le bilinguisme, contrairement à ce que le Québec tente de faire pour que son patrimoine linguistique ne soit pas dilué.

Face à cette contradiction, le Québec a deux choix. soit se séparer du Canada et devenir son État souverain et maintenir son patrimoine culturel et linguistique, soit rester au Canada et être tenu responsable devant le gouvernement du Canada et risquer de perdre son identité en tant que société distincte.

Si le Québec décidait de se séparer, il aurait de nombreux défis à relever, ce qui pourrait prendre des années à les relever.

Il est peu probable que le Québec ait l’endurance ou la ténacité de s’engager dans une bataille à long terme pour se séparer.

It is Okay to Shit On Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau

It’s excellent to shit on old Justine Trudeau. Simplifying complex problems to just one person are somewhat naive and short-sighted.

The reality is that geopolitics is much more complicated than just Trudeau.

Look at who attends the G20s, G7s and any other summits that they attend. Representatives from the Financial institutions, Businesses, the Military, and the list goes on.

The only way to bring politics back to the people would need collaboration from our American Neighbours as well, and that is to hold a general strike and do a run on the bank (withdraw all your money). While these are draconian measures, they are effective. The only way to make a capitalist understand is to hit them in the pocketbook; the only two concepts they know are black or red.

Of course, where they made the concept of terrorism so broad, one could go to jail for organizing a general strike and a run on the bank.

We elect officials to represent the people’s interests, not the wealthy and powerful.

We have a plutocracy, not democracy, as we are led to believe.  

The only way to counter representation for the financial institution and business interest is by general strick and a run on the banks.

Bring Government back to the People.  

New Brunswick is easy to study. You have one oligarch, the Irvings. According to CBC, “Ottawa is giving $21.2 million to Irving-owned New Brunswick Southern Railway to upgrade rail terminals in Saint John and McAdam to allow the company to load, unload and ship products more quickly.”  According to Forbes, Irving having an excess of 48 billion dollars, could bankroll that himself, but instead, we, the taxpayers, are on the hook to pay Irving to pay homage to his business model.