Minister of Public Safety Robert Trevors Refuses to Declare Cost of Anti-Shale Demonstration

Robert-TrevorsBy André Faust

The Province of New Brunswick in its attempt to show that it is in control of it citizens has increased the number of RCMP officers to police and arrest anti shale protesters who challenges the authority of the Government who is working alongside of the Shale Gas industry. The number police officers that are used is almost 1.6 officers for every 1 protester. While the arrests are justified by the protesters breaking the law, and understanding that be reached that these laws were enacted to limit the powers of the protesters. It is the intention of the government to allow and protesters or demonstrations to have any persuasion power. Historically it has been shown that after successful demonstrations laws were created solely to remove any advantages that demonstrators may at one time have.

Blogger-reporter Charles LeBlanc ask His Hon. Robert Trevors; what is it costing New Brunswickers to pay for a police force to protect the corporate interest of South Western Resource? The minister replied that there is a contract with the RCMP to keep control of the Demonstrators. Yet was willing in another interview divulge the costs associated with the enforcing internet child exploitation. According to Trevors, the Province has allocated 800 thousand to the police force to police and arrest offenders engaging in the exploitation of children via the internet, internet kiddy porn. Why the in consistencies between internet child porn and the demonstrators, in both cases the police is under contract, yet in on case the minister in the case of the kiddie porn, and yet not in the case of the of the anti-shale demonstrators. Since New Brunswickers are footing the bill for the police presence during the anti-shale protests then the costs should be made public.

The Role of Law Enforcement Officers

Roles remain the same except for the Uniform

By André Faust

While Law Enforcement officers appear to serve as a mechanism to maintain social order, their roles go above and beyond the protection and safety of the general population.  They have become a device to ultimately protect the interests of the State, the corporations and the money, protecting theses interests are paramount to protecting the interests of the general public.  The equation is not equal. This inequality is seen when police are called to control the activities involved in peaceful or aggressive demonstration, protest or strike.

The problem does not lie solely with the police agencies, but in the laws themselves that they are mandated to enforce. Unfortunately, the laws don’t make the distinction between protecting the interests of the public, and protecting the interests of the Government, Corporate and Financial institutions. In the eyes of the law both are one of the same.  It’s one thing to protect the public from physical, financial and property harm, but it’s another to protect the stakeholders who have vested interests in protecting their control and authority over human and natural resources.   Once the police start to enforce that laws the protect the stakeholders, then police effectively become a tool for the stakeholders to use against the general public to exploit the resources, natural and human without any regards to the consequences that it can have on the resources.

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