Sergeant-at-Arms Dan Bussières Threatens to Arrest aboriginals Should they remain at New Brunswick Legislature

By André Faust

Aboriginasl from the around the Maritimes battle aversive winter weather to ask the Provincial Government of New Brunswick to Oppose bill C-45 which is a sub set of Harper’s Omnibus Budget bill.  Under Bill C-45 The Indian Act is amended which when implement will allow for a redistribution of native reserve lands. The changes to the Indian Act were done without consultation with the First nation’s people.  Bill C-45 removes the existing environmental protection for rivers, lakes and water ways.

“It would have been a really bad Christmas,  had we’ve been arrested.”

Sergeant-at-arms-Dan Bussières
Sergeant-at-arms-Dan Bussières

Responding on behalf of the Province of New Brunswick Sergeant-of-Arms Dan  Bussières, warned the  spoke persons that if they did not leave the interior of the Legislation building the would be arrested and Jailed for their concern over the consequences of Bill C-14 on native rights.  After consultation with Native Elders it was decided that the delegation would leave the building rather than face incarceration.

It was the intention of the demonstrators to follow all house procedures, not pass leaflets posters, or  to bring drums or pens into the legislature, Bussières refused to believe their intention and denied entry to the gallery and threating them if they did not comply they would be arrested and Jailed.  As one spokesperson said “It would have been a really bad Christmas” had we’ve been arrested.   Bussières conduct was seen by some as outright and total disrespect for the first nation.