Don McDonald Shale Gas Archive: Natural Gas Information

Shale Gas it's not over

“For videos Don McDonald, archivist at New Brunswick is NOT for sale, has complied a massive library.

Anyone wanting to examine videos of confrontations with the RCMP please visit Don’s great work:- Natural Gas Information and Link to videos. For example, John Levi tows the SWN-hired native monitor’s truck on the bottom of page 36 in the video list. ty, peace” – Greg Cook (Facebook post)

Natural Gas Information
The following pdf documents are indexed. Clicking an index entry goes to a short description followed by a link to a web site containing details
related to the short description. For easy use, click on the index item item of interest to go to the item description. Click on the link below the
item description to see details.
Click on the back button to go back to the description. Use the scroll bar to go to back to the index.
All detail documents open in a new window or tab depending on your browser. With Internet Explorer the Edit, Find menu item can be used to search for
words or phrases in the pdf documents.

Shale Gas – May 2011 April 2012

Shale Gas – May 2011 April 2012

Shale Gas – May 2011 April 2012

Shale Gas – May 2012

Shale Gas – June 2012

Shale Gas – July 2012

Shale Gas – August 2012

Shale Gas – September 2012

Shale Gas – October 2012

Shale Gas – November 2012

Shale Gas – December 2012

Shale Gas – January 2013

Shale Gas – February 2013

Shale Gas – March 2013

Shale Gas – April 2013

Shale Gas – May 2013

Shale Gas – June 2013

Shale Gas – July 2013

Shale Gas – August 2013

Shale Gas – September 2013

Shale Gas – October 2013

Shale Gas – November 2013

Shale Gas – December 2013

Shale Gas – January 2014

Shale Gas – February 2014

Shale Gas – March 2014

Shale Gas – April 2014

Shale Gas – May 2014

Shale Gas – June 2014

Shale Gas – July 2014

Shale Gas – August 2014

Shale Gas – September 2014

Climate Change – Sept 2014

Tar Sands – March 2014

Videos in above files

The Facts on Fracking – Ingraffea

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