Children Belong to the State


By John Bosnitch (Aug 29, 2021)

PARENTS BEWARE! After a 70-year “brain drain” this is what is left behind in my poor Canadian home province…

Globalist pawn Dominic Cardy worked abroad for various arms of the Murican war empire. As a personal friend of a member of the Irving oil-i-garch mafia family that owns my Canadian home province, Cardy was “brought home” to help rule the remaining proles on the Irving’s plantation-province.

He parachuted into politics first in a surprising takeover of the leftist/labor-oriented New Democratic Party (NDP). With labor unions near dead and their political party on life support, Cardy easily managed to infiltrate and take over the NDP despite being the “golden boy” friend of the oppressive anti-worker Irving oligarchs.

Predictably, the NDP quickly collapsed completely as its better-informed pro-workers-union party members abandoned their party at the polls… effectively eliminating their own lobby group in the province.

Mission accomplished, Cardy then abandoned the sunken ship that he had pirate-boarded and scuttled… openly revealing his true colors by crossing the floor to join the Irving oil-i-garchs’ wholly owned governing Conservative Party.

The so-called Conservative party functions as a publicly-funded management consultancy for the Irving oil-i-garchs. It has the role of changing the province’s laws (in whatever way they can get away with) to maximize the Irving’s profits at the expense of the people of the province of New Brunswick.

Chameleon Cardy was of course rewarded with a ministry in return for his successful Trojan horse destruction of the only pro-worker party (the NDP).

Cardy thus joined the leadership of the pro-Irving “Conservative” party, which is led by former Irving manager (and current provincial Premier) Blaine Higgs, who’s now making more money for the Irvings while being paid by the taxpayers than he ever earned the Irvings while he was honestly working as their direct employee on their payroll.

High on the globalist agenda of the multibillionaire Irving mafia clan is the over-arching “great reset” taking place planet-wide under the mantra of “We must stop the virus!”.

As the globalist bosses’ minion, turncoat-“Conservative” Cardy is now demanding the mandatory vaccination of children (despite not having any children himself) in his capacity as Minister of (mis-)Education…

Rejecting *real* parents’ fears and concerns about such vaccinations, Cardy now claims that he has the right and power to enforce such vaccine mandates because the children are “our children” as if they belonged to the state (which is itself effectively the property of the tax-evading offshore oil-i-garch Irving family, which also “owns” Cardy himself).

Legendary Great Depression-era Louisiana Governor Huey Long, who ruled his state like a fascist dictator, never achieved the absolute concentration of power that the spawn of the Irving clan have achieved in undereducated New Brunswick, which has become the poorest province in Canada under their family rule.

Cardy is today functioning as the Irvings’ boot planted squarely on the face of the oppressed people of New Brunswick. And he thinks he owns your children too!

The IRVING motto should be: “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”

City of Fredericton decimates Cedar Trees for safety reasons.

By André Faust (Oct 6, 2020)

The city of Fredericton NB, from what we know that cedar trees anecdotally around the old Government House, became victims of the chainsaws. The reason was given that it was recommended by the report “Crime Prevention through environmental design.

City crews commenced the dastardly act of removing these fifty-year-old trees, which were originally planted by the Garrison Club.

What is know is that this report was not made available to the public, and one councillor has stated that he never directly saw the report.

Because the city, as of date, refuses to make the report and the cost available to the public. There are no records of the agenda or the minutes of any meeting discussing these trees’ fate.

There are several different stories told why these trees were cut. One was to protect the Lieutenant governor from some terrorist attack; another reason was that people were defecating there and leaving spent drug needles. There those that say the trees were cut to discourage another tent city from being erected.

As a result of some different versions and interpretations, one does not really know why these healthy cedar trees were cut.

Several rights to information have been filed. The truth may be buried somewhere in the queried files.

Have No Fear 5G is Here

By André Faust (April 14, 2020)

There is a lot of hooplas being circulated on social media about the evils of the 5G radio frequency as being hazardous to human health. Some believe that 5G is the cause of the CorVid-19 virus. This one has to beat all of them, 5G is being used as mind control ( I thought I did good acid … lol.)

What amazes me is how many people believe such nonsense. If people are that gullible to such malarky, I can understand why Donald Trump will succeed in attaining a second term as president.

So why is it that rational and intelligent people buy into this bullshit. Is it because we are bombarded with so much information that our brains get overwhelmed, and our decision making takes the path of least resistance? I wish I knew the answer to that maybe it is related to the Elaborative Likelihood Model (ELM) as put forth by Petty and Cacioppo, which states that we process information by two routes, the Peripheral Route (PR) and the Central Processing Route (CPR). PR processing doesn’t take much time; it often can be influenced by emotions in contrast to the CPR, which relies on analytical thinking and research before arriving at a decision, the downfall is that it is a time-consuming endeavour. Enough to why some people buy into the conspiracy theories.

The internet is continuously evolving, as internet service consumers as a population; we are demanding more speed. Streaming video has become a big thing. The problem is that the current 2.6G cannot meet the consumer demand requiring more speed for the WiFi to view our favourite streaming videos and movies. Let’s face it running an ethernet cable to each device that we own is not very practical, so we rely on our wireless to do the job for us. This is where 5G comes into play. The advantage of 5G is that it can transfer data bits much faster the 2.6 G, the downfall of 5G is that the distance of transmission is much shorter than the 2.6G. To get around the limitation of range. More transmission points have to be added to carry the signal to its destination, your device, which has to comply with the 802.11ac to get the full benefits of 5G.

The general anxiety around 5G is that they are some that are convinced that 5G is hazardous to health. Some even go as far as to say that; it is because of 5G. The run of the mill coronavirus has mutated into SARS-CoVid-19 because of 5G. 5G can’t compromise health and cause mutations as some claim. The reason is that it is still in the radio frequency in between (UHF) Ultra High Frequency and (SHF) Super High Frequency, which are in the Non-Ionizing range, which I will get into later.

When we are looking at 5G, we are looking at the radio frequency at the lower end of the ElectroMagnetic Spectrum (EMS). Technically speaking and literally speaking, the entire EMS is radiation, but the only radiation that is harmful to us is ionizing radiation (IR).

Photo: courtesy of Island sounder

To understand the EMS, you have to understand wavelength as it relates to frequency. The lowest part of the Radio Frequency (RF), is in the range of 30–300 kHz, this range known as Low Frequency (LF). The wavelength is between one kilometre to ten kilometres and is most likely passing through your body at this moment. Gamma rays, on the other hand, have a wavelength of ten picometers. They lie on the extreme end of the EMS. The opposite end of LF. In between, you have visible light.

Frequencies in the RF range are non-ionizing radiation (NIR) because those frequencies do not have the energy to have any effect at the molecular level in the sense that they can affect the electrons. What about microwave ovens? Microwave ovens can boil water, and that is correct. The reason is microwave frequency is harmonic to the frequency of water molecules, thereby causing the water molecules to oscillate at such a speed, which causes the water to heat up. Infrared, on the other hand, emit heat that is absorbed. However, they do have enough energy to alter the electrons at the molecular level. The keyword is ENERGY. It is not until you get to wavelengths that are wavelength shorter than 125 nm, which starts at the upper end of the ultraviolet spectrum (UV) that ionizing radiation is produced. Ionizing radiation carries sufficient energy to detach electrons from atoms or molecules, thereby ionizing them and, as a result, in a living organism can alter the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), which results in cell damage and or cell death.

There are four types of ionizing radiation 1. X-rays/Gamma rays, 2. Alpha particles, 3. Beta Particles, 4. Neutron particles. Yes, these four types of ionizing radiation can cause radiation sickness, burns, cancer, and even genetic damage, no argument there. 5G is in the RF range, and the RF range is non-ionizing radiation, therefore, can not produce the damage that the 5G conspiracy theorist claim. Physics and science can’t change that.


COVID-19 Don’t fear the Reaper

Image no longer available

By André Faust  (03-11-2020)

What a wiener society we live in regards to COVID-19, we have to take the “P” out panic. Yes, take all the necessary steps, like with all other diseases, to lessen the spread, but don’t let the fear anxiety cloud rational thinking.

I am old enough to have gone through the Acquired Immune deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) era of the late seventies and early eighties. Having said that is that AIDS did share a common property that COVID-19 has, is that one could be infected without knowing it for months before they experienced any symptoms but during that period where contagious. The differences between the two are that AIDS had a high kill ratio, and the virus-like the common cold mutated every time an antibiotic was introduced.
Even to this day, there is not a cure for AIDS, what has been accomplished is control of the disease so the victim of the AIDS has a chance of living their statistical mortality life (for men 78 years, and women 88 years)
AIDS did not limit its self to the unhealthy and the age, for most contracting AIDS before it could be control was a death sentence. To point out that it took years to find a way to control the disease.

COVID-19 on the other hand for healthy people if they experience any effect at all, resembles the common cold. However, COVID-19 does have the potential of taking out those with respiratory issues and weakened elderlies, but so does influenza cull out the weak and elderly.

Yet contemporary society is showing more anxiety with COVID-19 than the society of the 70s’ and 80s’

The problem with mass hysteria over the disease is that the health care system becomes overwhelmed and cannot supply all the resources, both human and medical. Even though the illness has not shown itself in some communities, people experiencing cold or minor flu will automatically conclude that they have been infected with COVID-19 or suffering acute anxiety about contracting the disease and make their way to the emergency rooms.

It has been reported that at this moment, produces of respiratory masks cannot keep up and supply the demand for these masks. Yet, the jury is still out whether or not this mask is effective in controlling the spread of COVID-19 because the virus can be spread by other means besides airborne.  Over-reliance on these masks may create a sense of false confidence.

Remember, this is not the Bubonic plague, keep calm, stay rational, take reasonable precautions to limit the spread, and we will come through this crisis until the next time round of infections.



City of Fredericton hires internationally known union-busting firm to put local 508 in their place

by André Faust (Feb 17, 2020)

It is a common phenomenon in Canada and in all industrial nations to bust unions by any means necessary.

One of the major union-busting firms is AFIMAC according to their web site they have been successful in undermining union negotiations for many businesses and corporations including many Fortune 500 corporations. The city of Fredericton has hired AFIMAC to sabotage the negotiations process with union local 508. The issue is when did AFIMAC get involved with advising the city on what strategies to use against the union and supply replacement workers during the lockout. If consultations between the city started during or before negotiating with the union, that would imply that the decision for a lockout was made long before the notice of strike was given by local 508. If this is the case then the council has come forth with unclean hands.

This would not be the first time that the city of Fredericton has used underhanded tactics. They were sued for unlawfully dismantling the occupy camp, A successful lawsuit was launched by activist Julian Renault, where the city had to pay 15,000$ in damages to the plaintiffs. Another red face incident is when the council held a secret meeting to send a letter to Prime Minister Trudeau for support for the Pipeline. The city of Fredericton in attempts to shut social activist blogger/journalist Charles Leblanc by haveing google shut down his blog that failed because within six hours a blog went into production.

One has to question the credibility of the council.

The conflict between the city and the union is over 850,000$ spread over 4 years. The cost for the professional services of AFIMAC may well surpass 850,000$. The longer the lockout the more expensive it will be for the taxpaying Frederictonians.