The World Health Organization, (WHO), has named glyphosate a “probable human carcinogen”

plane2The World Health Organization, (WHO), has named glyphosate a “probable human carcinogen”.   Nevertheless Brian Gallant’s government continues to pay, with our taxpayer dollars, for it to be sprayed on our Crown Lands forests.

On Sept 12, You can hear firsthand how glyphosate is affecting our forests, our wildlife – and us.   Please join us.

The evening program includes:

–         2 short videos on the state of our forests

–         Kris Austin, Peoples Alliance of N.B.

–         Kevin Shaw, Miramichi Headwaters Salmon Federation

–         Ken Walker, Miramichi Green Party

Dr Caroline Lubbe-D’Arcy  from SSNB, Inc, a member of the Coalition To Stop Spraying NB will also give a short statement.

Rod Cumberland, retired DNR Wildlife Biologist will be in the audience to answer your questions and, MP Pat Finnegan & MLA Jake Stewart have also been invited to give short statements on the issue


Hosted by Doaktown Health Alliance: 369-1995/365-7860

TUES.  SEPT 12, 7 PM  –  doors open 6.30 PM.  Admission free


The Council of the Rural Community of Upper Miramichi ( RCUM), has agreed to hear a presentation on behalf of SSNB


The Council of the Rural Community of Upper Miramichi ( RCUM), has agreed to hear a presentation on behalf of SSNB, Inc, member group of the Coalition to Stop Spraying NB on August 28 @ 7pm.

The Glyphosate Season is upon us – raining poison, that the World Health Organization (WHO) has called a “probable human carcinogen”  on our forests, streams, rivers, wildlife and people.  

This is done to kill hardwoods  and create the forest of softwood trees that the market wants.   Instead of poisoning our forests, we could, as Quebec has done create hundreds of jobs in thinning operations

Under Brian Gallant, our taxpayer dollars pay for this travesty.   $10 million between 2013 and 2016 was spent on forest spraying on Public Land – dollars that result in the death of deer, moose birds and other wildlife that depend on the vegetation that glyphosate kills for food and shelter.


6094 Rte 8 Boiestown

AUGUST 28 , 7pm.


2017 Budget reaction: Kris Austin PANB party leader

peoples-allianceFredericton – The People’s Alliance is once again calling on the Gallant government to stop trimming the edges and to begin addressing the real issues with our fiscal challenges. For the past 10 years, both Liberal and Conservative governments have continued to run an annual operating deficit and increased the provincial debt nearly 3 fold. This puts individuals, families and our children’s future at great risk.

The 2017-2018 operating deficit is projected to be  $231 million, with the debt climbing to $13.9 billion next month which amounts to $18,600 per New Brunswicker.  Party leader Kris Austin says this is alarming.

“Until governments get serious about ending corporate welfare, and eliminating duality, the road to balanced books will never be traveled,” said Austin. “We cannot continue to see frontline services like education and healthcare cut while corporations are given tax payer handouts left and right.”

In their 2014 audited platform, the People’s Alliance revealed how New Brunswick can save hundreds of millions of dollars annually without affecting important front line services. The party has continued to press both Liberal and Tory governments to get NB Liquor out of the costly retail division (while maintaining wholesale and distribution), merge the two health authority administrations, and stop giving tax dollars to big business. By doing so, overall fees and taxes that are placed upon the shoulders of the provinces’ citizens could be reduced and the annual deficit eliminated.


Kris Austin supports Official Opposition’s efforts to bring transparency to the Enbridge/Government settlement

The leader of the People’s Alliance political party says the conflict of interest complaint against Premier Brian Gallant by the Official Opposition is welcome news, and taxpayers need answers.

Concerns were raised around the province when the government recently settled a lawsuit initiated by Enbridge, and it was discovered that the energy company’s lawyer was also hired by the Gallant government to oversee the transition of power when the Liberals took office following the 2014 provincial election. The same lawyer also was recently involved in the Liberals’ strategic program review, and was given a key role in the creation of what the Gallant government has called “priority delivery units”.

Austin says the conflict is clear. “Being so closely involved with Premier Gallant and the Liberal Government, while at the exact same time negotiating a lawsuit settlement on behalf of Enbridge against the very same government, clearly seems fishy. I welcome the Official Opposition’s conflict of interest complaint, and I will anxiously await the response from the conflict-of-interest commissioner.”

Austin also stated that given the history the Liberals have of making it difficult for Legislative Officers to investigate their ranks, he hopes the commissioner will have full ability to shed light on the matter.

Benefits of bilingualism

Update – Video of NB Premier Brian Gallant on the benefits of bilingualism – Sept 27, 2016

Premier Brian Gallant

Premier Brian Gallant will discuss the benefits of bilingualism and how to work together to make it work in a speech to the Saint John Chamber of Commerce on Monday, Sept. 26, and to the Caraquet Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday, Sept. 28.


Bilingualism and our diversity are benefits to our economy and social fabric. But it takes work, co-operation, and frank discussions to make it work. We have to continue to work together to figure out the best way to get things done to ensure that we provide the best quality of life for all New Brunswickers whether they are anglophones, francophones, First Nation, or a new Canadian.

Having a workforce that features two languages increases the potential for trade since the ability to offer sales and support personnel with at least two languages helps develop markets in Canada and around the world.

In addition to meeting with the chambers of commerce, Premier Gallant will also participate in several bilingualism-related announcements.

As a government, we need to do a better job of promoting the benefits to our province of bilingualism and diversity. We also need to debunk some of the myths surrounding bilingualism as well as provide more opportunity for New Brunswickers to learn a second language.

Portions of the premier’s speech will be available on Facebook Live around noon on Sept. 26 and 28.