Dismissal of Chief Medical Officer of Health Must Be Explained

Green Party David Coon

Fredericton– Green Party Leader and MLA for Fredericton South David Coon is calling the government’s dismissal of Dr. Eilish Cleary as New Brunswick Chief Medical Officer of House outrageous in a statement released today.

“Dr. Cleary, in her role as doctor to the people of New Brunswick has earned tremendous respect and even affection from New Brunswickers.  So many felt such pride in her courageous decision to join the battle against Ebola in Africa. Many felt vindicated when her shale gas report validated their concerns about fracking after the previous government dismissed them as borne of ignorance.  Health Minister Boudreau has a responsibility to provide a credible explanation for the decision to remove Dr. Cleary from her position.  She has always been willing to directly reach out to New Brunswickers and our communities as our collective physician.  It makes one wonder if this didn’t threaten the government’s effort to control its message, particularly given the recent removal and reassignment of the former Director of DNR’s Fish and Wildlife Branch, also without explanation”.


Green Party Leader Will Call for Local Control of Resources at Miramichi Rally

David Coon
MLA David Coon Leader of The Green Party

Fredericton – On Saturday, September 19th David Coon, MLA for Fredericton South and Leader of the Green Party of New Brunswick will visit Miramichi to participate in a rally supporting the residents demand that the Gallant government work to strengthen their local economy by giving it more control over local resources, while respecting New Brunswick’s treaty relationship with the Mi’kmaq in the region.

For example, two mills in Miramichi lay idle for lack of access to Crown wood, when they could be putting more than 200 Miramichiers to work with the stroke of the Minister of Natural Resources pen. Yet, only 15% of the spruce and fir that is permitted to be cut from the Miramichi Crown license is available for Miramichi mills, and they are not even allowed to access it to put local people to work in local mills. The bulk of the wood is leaving the area to mills in Bathurst, Belledune, Atholville, Edmundston, Plaster Rock, and Chipman, while private woodlot owners struggle to find decent markets for their wood.

“We need to hit reset on our system of wood allocation from Crown land so that it strengthens local economies, as our Green Party candidate in the Carleton by-election, Andrew Clark, proposed in his region when Juniper Lumber went out of business,” said Coon.

Clark, a forestry contractor and trucker, says the Crown Lands and Forest Act must be replaced so that local forest resources are used to benefit the local economy. “When Juniper Lumber closed down, a group of us from our region established a cooperative to take over responsibility for the Crown wood in the area, but the government of the day turned us down.”

“The problem has been that Conservative and Liberal governments have been corporate governments, favouring the profitability of corporations over the health of our communities,” said the Green Party leader. “To make local economies and local jobs the priorities, local communities, like the Miramichi, have to pull together so they can become masters of their own house.” If we are to move New Brunswick forward, we must decentralize economic decision-making to promote regional self-reliance and initiative,” said Coon.

David Coon defeats PC Minister of Energy Craig Leonard

By André Faust

The Alward government took a chance on the referendum like campaign with the following format yes for shale gas and prosperity or no to shale gas and poverty. Had the outcome of this election have been any different it would have given the Alward government the ticket to do whatever it pleased. The pillar for shale gas exploration and development was former energy minister Craig Leonard was defeated by the party leader David Coon who is diametrically opposed to shale gas development because of the potential of catastrophic environmental damage created by the shale gas technologies. Continue reading

David Coon talks Fracking in simple terms that Alward doesn’t understand

By Andre Faust

The Conservatives are aggressively pushing for this industry, they see shale gas as the miracle drug that will fix all of New Brunswick Woes, The Alward Campaign is full of ads that targets peoples emotions rather than their intellect. That last thing that Alward would want is people thinking for themselves. The best way to do this is by emotional appeal. The YES Campaign make it look like that all these people will come back to New Brunswick, no question that there may be some that will come back but most will stay in Alberta, The longer they are away the less likely they will return, can you imagine what it would be like to have to leave your friends, changing schools and so on just to come back to NB. Highly unlikely.

The truth is that as much as Alward and his gang would like us to believe that industry will adhere to regulations, the reality is that industry, mandate is to make profits, and more profits and more profits, it’s called growth. Recently there has been environmental disaster direly related to industry, so why is shale gas going to be any different.

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4 candidates confirm participation in community-organized ‘All Candidates Meeting’ for Fredericton South, Sept. 4th.

SouthSide Debate
Ind, Greens Libs NDP accept the debate challenge

 An All-Candidates Meeting for the candidates and citizens of Fredericton South, Riding 40, will be held this Thursday, Sept. 4th, 7:00PM at the Christ Church Cathedral Memorial Hall, 168 Church Street, Fredericton.

Citizen engagement is the key to these meetings, where the citizens in the audience ask the questions. The public meetings provide constituents with an opportunity to publicly ask questions of their MLA candidates on issues which concern them. This meeting will be citizen-led and non-partisan.

There are 4 candidates who have confirmed they will participate in the Q&A meeting: Courtney Mills (Independent); David Coon (Green); Kelly Lamrock (NDP); and Roy Wiggins (Liberal). To date, there has been no reply from Craig Leonard (PC) who was formally invited on April 30, 2014.

Advertised as a “Meet the Candidates Q&A – A Town Hall Meeting”, this meeting is conducted as a very welcoming and informative question-and-answer session; the meeting is not meant to be a debate between candidates. Here is the simple outline of the meeting:

• At the start of the meeting each candidate will have 3 minutes to introduce himself/herself to the audience;

• Following these introductions, the main portion of the meeting will give an opportunity for constituents to ask questions directly from the floor;

• After each question, each candidate will have 2 minutes to respond; and

• At the end of the meeting, each candidate will have 2 minutes to address the public with closing remarks.

Other All-Candidates Meetings are being organized by individuals and organizations in other communities, including Fredericton North, Moncton, Rexton, Sackville, and Saint John.