Vesperia plays Fredericton

Vesperia  a Toronto based heavy metal band took the stage first, bringing their A-game as they performed hands down the best set  ever seen them play. Vocalist Morgan Rider filled the room with his cries and high shrieking gutturals, gazing over the crowd with intense eyes and an outstretched fist as he switched to majestic clean vocals backed by guitarists Frankie Caracci and Casey Elliot.

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Dumpster Mummy: Trenchfoot

Dumpster Mummy 2015 East Coast Music Award nominee tells host Johnny James about how they developed their unique sounds that sets them apart in the trash metal scene. Since the birth of Dumpster Mummy, their progress has been an evolutionary process that shifted from just playing and depending on gimmicks to writing their own music and focusing their style.

 Dumpster Mummy played at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre in Fredericton to an audience of hard-core metal heads.

Black Crown Initiate; The Death Metal Edge

Pennsylvania based Death Metal Band Black Crown Initiate does their first 11 day Canadian head liner tour. Johnny James was able to meet up with them while they were playing at the Capital Club in Fredericton NB, and talks with them about their music philosophy that gives the band their unique sound. According to vocalist Andy what contributes to their own style of death metal is their eclectic influence of music from other musical genre which they incorporated into their playing style.

Their albums can be purchased at any of the major music and retail store or can be purchased through amazon.

Johnny James Joins the Left Eye to head Cultural Column Page

Johny-260x260You can understand a society by its music and arts, which is part of the sociological machinery that drives a given society this is the motive for creating a new section Culture. To make this section a reality Johnny James has join the left eye to do cultural stories on the local music scene in Fredericton. Johnny James currently a Saint Thomas University student studying journalism and as well volunteers at the college Hill Radio Station. It is Johnny’s aspiration to continue a career in written and radio journalism. It is with great pleasure to have Johnny on the left eye’s team.