Stephen Harper steals 58 Billion From the Unemployment Insurance Fund to Balance the Books

Stephen Harper uses the Unemployment Insurance fund paid into by workers to balance budget

The original intention of unemployment insurance was to provide a means to help workers who became unemployed. The fund originally covered both a payout based on the percentage of the workers income. In addition, the fund was also used cover the full cost to train or retrain employees who became unemployed.
Since the original foundation of the unemployment insurance plan, much has changed since the time that Stephen Harper took office. Even though the fund was a surplus, Stephen Harper made drastic changes to the eligibility criteria, which excluded most workers who still paid into the fund and unable to collect on the benefits.

The hardest hit where the seasonal workers living in the Maritimes, and fishing Island communities such as Campobello and Grand Manan economies were devastated. The rest of Canada was effected but not to the extent as the Maritimes.

This new re adjustment that Stephen Harper did created a vast surplus in the Unemployment fund, which should been used to cover the full cost of training and retraining employees. As it currently stands, the employee has to come up with 50% of the cost for training or retraining.
Instead, rather than putting the money back into the workers, he transferred 58 billion dollars into general revues to create the illusion that balanced the budget during his campaign,

Up until his Harper’s campaign Canada was Billions of Dollars then overnight it was a surplus an impossibility unless you rob Peter to pay Paul. Stephen Harper it is time that you walk the Plank!

The Daleks Are Voting On October 19th, Shouldn’t You

Anti - Stephen-Harper-Daleks
Ninety-nine Daleks Can’t be wrong!

This election is going to be one of  most important election in Canadian history. At the end of the day we will either re-define democracy as Stephen Harper understands democracy, or will we return to the democracy that our grandfathers gave their lives so we could live in a true democracy without fear.

There are challenges that are beyond the control of anyone and beyond the scope of any political party.  The main issue with Stephen Harper is the way that he doesn’t things to accomplish and end. His methods of doing things compromise the very essence of Democracy.  Proroguing Parliament, the Omnibus Bills, Bill C-51 the secret meetings surrounding the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The silencing journalist, gag orders to party members. Pre selecting invitees to Conservative rally on so on

If this is the way that has conducted himself in the past what the future have in store for Canadians should he win this election.

The threat of Voter Split is a real threat, the only counter to voter split is Strategic Bloc Voting, which is voting for the Candidate who is most likely to win the riding and who is not a Conservative  In the past the Harper government has depended on voter split to win.  In the last election 60% voted against him yet he received the required seats for a majority.

YouTube Video expresses Canadian Contempt for Harper

By André Faust

Is Stephen Harper the most revered or despised prime minister in the history of Canada?

According to social media he is despised, there are countless of anti-Harper Facebook pages and groups to list a few;

  • Canadian Rally to Unseat Stephen Harper
  • National Stop Harper Campaign
  • Anti-Harper
  • Harper’s Last Days
  • Vote Harper out
  • Stop Harper
  • Get Ride of Harper
  • Enough Harper
  • Anyone but Harper Conservatives

In addition to Facebook pages and groups there is a plethora of derogatory satirical images and videos of him throughout the internet. Leadnow independent advocacy organization who has launched the Vote Together campaign against Stephen Harper. Vote together is based on strategic block voting, with the focus on the swing ridings. The strategy is simple to vote for the Candidate who is most likely to win the riding who is not a Conservative.

Why is there such a growing disdain for Harper?

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Stephen Harper: Tendency Towards Fascism

Stephen Harper Characteristics-of-Fascism
Stephen Harper autocrat

By Nick Fillmore

The stepped-up authoritarian, anti-democratic manner in which Stephen Harper has conducted himself since obtaining his Parliamentary majority nine months ago raises serious concerns about how far right he is planning to push the country in his effort to forever change the face of Canada.

Harper hates many things about Canada – most of all the moderate liberalism that a majority of people have preferred over the years. He has adopted a ‘take-no-prisoners’ attitude, rushing ahead with destructive plans never before discussed in public, as well as doubling cuts to government compared to what he said before the election.

Elected with the support of only 25 per cent of eligible voters, Harper nevertheless is running roughshod over the wishes and interests of the majority 75 per cent of Canadians.

So, just how extreme is Harper’s behaviour?

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