City of Fredericton decimates Cedar Trees for safety reasons.

By André Faust (Oct 6, 2020)

The city of Fredericton NB, from what we know that cedar trees anecdotally around the old Government House, became victims of the chainsaws. The reason was given that it was recommended by the report “Crime Prevention through environmental design.

City crews commenced the dastardly act of removing these fifty-year-old trees, which were originally planted by the Garrison Club.

What is know is that this report was not made available to the public, and one councillor has stated that he never directly saw the report.

Because the city, as of date, refuses to make the report and the cost available to the public. There are no records of the agenda or the minutes of any meeting discussing these trees’ fate.

There are several different stories told why these trees were cut. One was to protect the Lieutenant governor from some terrorist attack; another reason was that people were defecating there and leaving spent drug needles. There those that say the trees were cut to discourage another tent city from being erected.

As a result of some different versions and interpretations, one does not really know why these healthy cedar trees were cut.

Several rights to information have been filed. The truth may be buried somewhere in the queried files.

Fredericton Mayor Explains Why No Porta-Potty at Carleton Park


By André Faust (June 22, 2017)

Recently great concern has been raised about the removal of the porta potty from Carleton Park, a place which is frequently visited by Frederictonians and tourists. It was recognised back in 2010 that because of the high volume of human traffic in the park a porta potty was to be installed to accommodate the needs of those requiring the use of washroom facilities.

The story of the missing potty was first reported by local resident John Gamblin then followed up in a letter to the editor published in the Irving-owned newspaper The Daily Gleaner by Fredericton Blogger Charles Leblanc who heavily criticised the city of Fredericton for the removal of the portable toilet from the park, suggesting that the users of the park will now have to go behind a tree or bush to relieve themselves since immediate access to a toilet is no longer available.

Mayor Mike O’Brien in a telephone interview provided the background behind not to include a portable toilet from Carleton Park for this year.

According to O’Brien, the decision was made previous to his election as mayor as part of the arrangements made between the City of Fredericton and Picaroons. The city permitted Picaroons to extend their parking lot onto the city-owned Carleton Park, in return Picaroon would make available for the public to use their washroom facilities in the restaurant/ice cream parlour component of the brewery and bar once completed and operational.

While not currently included in the park improvements plan for Carleton Park 2017, the Mayor did suggest that it is possible in the future a fixed physical structure similar to the public washroom facilities that currently exists at officers square could be built at Carleton Park.

In an email interview with Ward 6 councillor, Eric Megarity said that the mayor did not order the removal of the porta-potty. Megarity further adds “The porta-potty was not placed in the Park this year because we have new public accessible washrooms in the Picaroons’ building. Part of the agreement signed with Picaroons.” Megarity further adds that the new washroom facility will accommodate those with mobility issues, and the washrooms will be available all year around.

Councilor Megarity stated that “City staff will be placing signage in the park to signify that there are public washrooms available in the Picaroons’ building”.

Megarity was asked has anyone from the city ask Dixie Lee about making their washrooms available to the public as well. As of now, Councillor Megarity has not responded to the question.

If Dixie Lee were to agree to grant public access washroom facilities or if they currently allow public access to their washroom then Dixie Lee should be also included in the signage indicating that public washrooms are available at their place of business.

If it is the will of the public to have a porta toilet placed at a convenient spot in the Carleton Park they should contact their respective councillors to ask for the city to do so.

City of Fredericton will not Reveal Total Cost in Unsuccessful Criminal Investigation of Blogger Charles Leblanc

A Request to Information was filed to the City of Fredericton to find out the total cost to the taxpayer for the city of Fredericton cival suit file by Mr. Leblan and the Fredericton City Police because Charles Leblanc has questioned their authority. There is, however, some questions about the actual amount that the city provided in their response to the request to information. One the invoice from the law firm of McInnis Cooper. Given the hundred plus pages of documents that the firm prepared. 1,097.23$ seem very low relative to the time they spent on the persecution of Mr Leblanc. For the average person to take a simple case to court for example impaired driving is a minimum of 1,800$.

Charles defence in the assault charge with Mr Spence, the legal fees were over 4,300$. Something doesn’t add up. When you look at the complexity of the City/Police investigation compared to the complexity of the assault case much more time was spent on the police and cities case then the lawyer spent on Charles’ Case.

Request for information for cost

Reply from the City to Charles’ request for information regarding costs

City of Fredericton calls on Canada Post to maintain Door to Door Delivery

The city of Fredericton is calling on the federal government to direct Canada Post to maintain door to door delivery. From Victoria BC to Saint John’s NL, cities and towns across Canada are calling for similar demands in response to Canada Post’s five point plan. The elimination of all door to door residential mail delivery in Canada, substantial postal rate increases and other service cuts are part of the plan Canada Post announced in Dec of 2013.

The following resolution was passed at the Fredericton City Council meeting this evening, Monday March 24.

WHEREAS local governments in Canada have a direct financial interest in the security and stability of Canada’s postal system, to ensure reliable communications with ratepayers and certainty in the timely payment of taxes and other fees;

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