Don Cherry Poppy Rant Emotions or malice


Don Cherry was sacked for his job at Sportsnet for a rant that and the politically correct social avengers. They quickly grasped on the second part his poppy rant, dismissing the first part of Cherrys’ rant to quote. “You know, I was talking to a veteran. I said, ‘I’m not going to run the poppy thing anymore because what’s the sense? I live in Mississauga; nobody wears — very few people wear a poppy. Downtown Toronto, forget it! Downtown Toronto, nobody wears a poppy.”- Don Cherry It is not only in Toronto that a percentage of people are not wearing poppies. What got him into trouble with PC by dismissing the first part they were able to put the spin on the second part meaning immigrants, yet to mention of immigrants was ever said.

“You people love — that come here, whatever it is — you love our way of life, you love our milk and honey,” Cherry said. “At least you could pay a couple of bucks for a poppy. These guys paid for your way of life, the life you enjoy in Canada. These guys paid the highest price.” Had Don Cherry used our instead of your, he might have avoided getting canned from Sportsnet.

What people don’t realize is that Don Cherry is probably a few that WWII occurred during his lifetime. Unlike his younger peers who only know of World War II through their history books, Cherry remembers the atrocities and sacrifices that were made because he lived it.

The Cherry case is not the only example of the chill effect. New Brunswick’s former Chief Medical Officer given the boot when she was nearing completion of her report against the use of glyphosate. Several years later, Rod Cumberland was turfed from his professorship at the Maritime College of forestry the now-former Executive Director Gerald Redmond of the college was terminated from his position for supporting Cumberland’s anti glyphosate position.

So what Messages are these giving people? Blogger-Journalist Charles Leblanc, for almost 15 years, went to hell and back because he video recorded the Fredericton City Police betting the hell out of a drunk in front of the former Sweatewaters bar.

In using Lebance as an example, they through him jail, and while there, they cut off his medications. That didn’t shut Leblanc up, so then they tried to nail him with Defamation, to get access to his internet records the Fredericton Police lied to his internet provider, alleging that he was exploiting children for sexual purposes. That failed, so they tried to embarrass him by having to police in plain clothes from the Edmunston Police Force.

During the Occupy Fredericton, people would agree with Occupy’s message. Still, the two typical response were “We agree with you but can’t say anything or will lose my job” or “We agree with you but say anything because in my keep me from getting a job.”
The Cherry, Dr. Cleary, Rod Cumberland Gerald Redmon and Charles Leblanc, they become examples that if you don’t follow the status quo, there will be consequences.

When you combined his first statement and the second statement that reinforces the theory that he was responding emotionally, not rationally, and he opened the doors for attack and gave Sportsnet “la raison d’etre.” They killed two birds with one stone; first, they got rid of the old man because of his age (workaround ageism). The second reason the most dangerous of the “The chill effect,” which is the inhibition or discouragement of the legitimate exercise of natural and legal rights fear of the consequences.”

The board of Stop Spraying New Brunswick believes a complaint lodged with the CBC Ombudsman is little more than abuse of process in order to stifle legitimate criticism against the use of glyphosate.


Fredericton, NEW BRUNSWICK. On Monday, SSNB was made aware of a complaint filed with the ombudsman following CBC coverage of presentations by renowned expert Dr. Thierry Vrain.

Vrain provided SSNB with an email from CBC’s Darrow MacIntyre, in which MacIntyre points to complaints made in wake of CBC’s coverage of Vrain ( thierry-vrain-1.4388887) and challenges the scientist to defend some of his claims.

Vrain directed MacIntyre to several published news articles, peer-reviewed journals and court documents – of which there are man – to support his claims. Vrain said he is used to such opposition. “I am well aware that the information I convey goes against big money interests so I definitely expect a push back. I have had quite a few opponents and complainants in attendance at my lectures … so I am not too surprised.”

Vrain is just one of many scientists facing challenges for making demonstrable, fact-based claims about the dangers of glyphosate. Rod Cumberland, an outspoken critic of the use of the herbicide as part of the province’s standard forestry practice, has also come under heavy criticism from industry – J. D. Irving in particular – for his views that glyphosate use is directly linked to the
province’s plunging deer populations.

SSNB director Vern Faulkner, a veteran journalist, called the invesigation “highly irregular”. “A media ombudsman generally exists to rule on matters of ethical principle, not on questions of accuracy,” said Faulkner. “The accuracy of Vrain’s claims cannot be disputed, and it is unbelievable that any ethical or moral boundary was challenged by CBC’s coverage of a public presentation by an expert of impeccable credentials.”

The board members of Stop Spraying New Brunswick can only conclude that a third party is abusing the office of the ombudsman in an attempt to stifle legitimate conversation, and expresses its alarm at such action.

Asks Faulkner, “Should SSNB now demand the CBC Ombudsman investigate the repeated and fallacious claims of glyphosate safety made by government and industry?”

SSNB repeats its call for government to heed the weight of both scientific
evidence and public opinion – as evidenced by the 35,000 signatures on SSNB
petitions – and end the government-funded use of glyphosate on Crown forests.
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The World Health Organization, (WHO), has named glyphosate a “probable human carcinogen”

plane2The World Health Organization, (WHO), has named glyphosate a “probable human carcinogen”.   Nevertheless Brian Gallant’s government continues to pay, with our taxpayer dollars, for it to be sprayed on our Crown Lands forests.

On Sept 12, You can hear firsthand how glyphosate is affecting our forests, our wildlife – and us.   Please join us.

The evening program includes:

–         2 short videos on the state of our forests

–         Kris Austin, Peoples Alliance of N.B.

–         Kevin Shaw, Miramichi Headwaters Salmon Federation

–         Ken Walker, Miramichi Green Party

Dr Caroline Lubbe-D’Arcy  from SSNB, Inc, a member of the Coalition To Stop Spraying NB will also give a short statement.

Rod Cumberland, retired DNR Wildlife Biologist will be in the audience to answer your questions and, MP Pat Finnegan & MLA Jake Stewart have also been invited to give short statements on the issue


Hosted by Doaktown Health Alliance: 369-1995/365-7860

TUES.  SEPT 12, 7 PM  –  doors open 6.30 PM.  Admission free


The long delayed Report on Glyphosate from the NB CMOH, has been released, and its bland conclusions are that human health risks can be reduced if label restrictions are properly followed. This is in startling contrast to the World Health Organization, WHO, that has named it a “probable carcinogen”. Who to believe ?

Several countries , such as France, Italy, Sweden and the Netherlands argue for a complete ban on its use in forestry and agriculture. Closer to home, both Quebec and Vermont have banned herbicide use in their Crown Forests. This has created hundreds of jobs using man-crews for thinning.

On August 10, You can hear firsthand how glyphosate is affecting our forests, our wildlife – and us. Please join us.

The evening program includes:

– ROD CUMBERLAND, retired DNR Wildlife Biologist
– PETER GILBERT, co-organizer, STOP SPRAYING NB campaign

WED. August 10, 7 PM – doors open 6.30 PM.

New Brunswick’s Great Resource Giveaway; w/Charles Theriault, Don Bowser & Rod Cumberland (full version)

Full version: Dee Shanger

[Canada] New Brunswick’s The Great Resource Giveaway & Why it’s so poor & corrupt; w/Charles Theriault, documentary filmmaker; Don Bowser, international expert on transparency & anti-corruption; Rod Cumberland, certified wildlife biologist & New Brunswick’s provincial Dept of Natural Resources (DNR) whistleblower; Pamela Ross (MC).

The speakers questioned the management of the greatest natural resource the people of the province possess, the Crown forest. Find out why the Glyphosate is the worst GMO herbicide on the planet. It’s the reason why so many hardwood-trees die & its sprayed on all ur foods you eat everyday. The herbicide Glyphosate is killing our wildlife & people at an alarming rate & u need to see this video to know why?

Organized by the Council of Canadians, Fredericton Chapter. At “The Playhouse” theatre, Fredericton, New Brunswick (The Capital), on Sun July 27, 2014.