Children Belong to the State


By John Bosnitch (Aug 29, 2021)

PARENTS BEWARE! After a 70-year “brain drain” this is what is left behind in my poor Canadian home province…

Globalist pawn Dominic Cardy worked abroad for various arms of the Murican war empire. As a personal friend of a member of the Irving oil-i-garch mafia family that owns my Canadian home province, Cardy was “brought home” to help rule the remaining proles on the Irving’s plantation-province.

He parachuted into politics first in a surprising takeover of the leftist/labor-oriented New Democratic Party (NDP). With labor unions near dead and their political party on life support, Cardy easily managed to infiltrate and take over the NDP despite being the “golden boy” friend of the oppressive anti-worker Irving oligarchs.

Predictably, the NDP quickly collapsed completely as its better-informed pro-workers-union party members abandoned their party at the polls… effectively eliminating their own lobby group in the province.

Mission accomplished, Cardy then abandoned the sunken ship that he had pirate-boarded and scuttled… openly revealing his true colors by crossing the floor to join the Irving oil-i-garchs’ wholly owned governing Conservative Party.

The so-called Conservative party functions as a publicly-funded management consultancy for the Irving oil-i-garchs. It has the role of changing the province’s laws (in whatever way they can get away with) to maximize the Irving’s profits at the expense of the people of the province of New Brunswick.

Chameleon Cardy was of course rewarded with a ministry in return for his successful Trojan horse destruction of the only pro-worker party (the NDP).

Cardy thus joined the leadership of the pro-Irving “Conservative” party, which is led by former Irving manager (and current provincial Premier) Blaine Higgs, who’s now making more money for the Irvings while being paid by the taxpayers than he ever earned the Irvings while he was honestly working as their direct employee on their payroll.

High on the globalist agenda of the multibillionaire Irving mafia clan is the over-arching “great reset” taking place planet-wide under the mantra of “We must stop the virus!”.

As the globalist bosses’ minion, turncoat-“Conservative” Cardy is now demanding the mandatory vaccination of children (despite not having any children himself) in his capacity as Minister of (mis-)Education…

Rejecting *real* parents’ fears and concerns about such vaccinations, Cardy now claims that he has the right and power to enforce such vaccine mandates because the children are “our children” as if they belonged to the state (which is itself effectively the property of the tax-evading offshore oil-i-garch Irving family, which also “owns” Cardy himself).

Legendary Great Depression-era Louisiana Governor Huey Long, who ruled his state like a fascist dictator, never achieved the absolute concentration of power that the spawn of the Irving clan have achieved in undereducated New Brunswick, which has become the poorest province in Canada under their family rule.

Cardy is today functioning as the Irvings’ boot planted squarely on the face of the oppressed people of New Brunswick. And he thinks he owns your children too!

The IRVING motto should be: “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”

Irvings Have Both The People And Government Of New Brunswick In A Vice Grip


By John Bosnitch




If so much of the public wealth was not being streamed into the offshore pockets of our invisible absentee landlord/plantation-owner Irving oligarchs, there’d be a *LOT* more to go around for the rest of the population of our poor province.

Allowing the Irvings to dominate the thoughts of the public with their media monopoly and allowing them not only to be the main private employer but also the top private provider of services to the government, means that they have both the people and government of New Brunswick in a vice grip that they can tighten at will, till they get whatever they want.

To date, the only prospect of turning this around appears to be coming from the Green Party in terms of the preservation and proper stewardship of our public resources as well as the termination of the wanton poisoning of the province with Monsanto RoundUp, which will likely be rearing its head as a leading cause of cancer among children in the next generation.

I think there might be a chance for change if the Greens and the New Democratic Party worked together after the NDP ever recovers from its pro-Irving stealth takeover by OIL-igarch sleeper agent Dominic Cardy, who showed his true colors by defecting to the Irving’s long-time preferred Conservative Party after capturing the NDP leadership(!)… which defection constituted a jump from the left of the political spectrum to the opposite extreme, that he executed as if he were merely changing an ice cream order from chocolate to vanilla… (in fact, even such a change would have been harder to make for my kids!)

A bit of background research reveals a long personal friendship between Cardy and one of the Irving oligarch clan’s sons. It is not a reach beyond the imagination that they might have sat down together one night on an IRVING OIL-igarch family yacht off the Bahamas over a couple of glasses of Moosehead beer and said to each other, “Hey, why don’t we eliminate one of the two potential threats to the Irving empire by taking over the weak and unprotected New Democratic Party (the traditional party of organized labor) in order to divide and conquer a potential LABOR-GREEN alliance that could eventually have the capacity to dethrone the Irvings.

The fact is that Cardy was a Washington-trained agent of empire, who worked for NDI the Democratic Party’s branch of the US global control mechanism that is headed by hate-monger Madeleine Albright (remember her? the woman who screamed “Disgusting Serbs, get out!” in Prague). The step down in salary and status by Cardy from being an international imperial agent to rural eastern Canada suggests to me that his return to Canadian politics after working against Russia means Washington was intent on extending its tentacles by taking direct control over political affairs in Canada after already providing the political campaign foot-soldiers to parachute former Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper into national office from Alberta’s alt-right, and after training the current prime minister, a son of former anti-American Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau (Justin), and then locking up the entire political spectrum by injecting Albright’s stars-and-stripes “bot” Cardy in to take over the NDP in New Brunswick and then have him go federal… which would have given Washington a three-strikes “You’re out, Canadians!” takeover of the country’s entire political system.

Thank God for the Green Party of Canada, a group the US has surely infiltrated with a few FAKE-DREADLOCK imposters, but which they cannot yet co-opt!

Bosnitch Hopeful Dispute Will Be Resolved Soon (1984)

John Bosnitch Sept 1984

Continuing series on the Bosnitch Era
Retrieved From the Daily Gleaner
Originally Published on Friday, September 28, 1984

Staff Writer

Funds for the University of New Brunswick Student Union remain frozen but Student Union president John Bosnitch is optimistic that the impasse will be broken soon.

UNB president Dr. James Downey has been withholding more than $200,000 in Student Union funds until the university receives the remaining of $50,000 it gave to the Student Union for student rebates last spring.

“By next week, all the funds will be transferred,” Student Union president John Bosnitch said this morning.

Mr. Bosnitch said he met with university comptroller John O’Brien on Wednesday and the Student Union will be presenting a proposal to the university to guarantee that the union funds will be turned over to the Student Union Coming years.

Dr. Downey said this morning that the university is still waiting for a written proposal from Mr. Bosnitch. “We have seen nothing in writing yet and we will wait and see what his proposal is.” Dr. Downey said.

Mr. Bosnitch said he expected to present the university with his proposal either today or Monday.

The freezing of Student Union funds came after the university demanded money it gave to the Student Union last April to rebate students who did not wish to donate to the university’s Third Century Fund. The $10 fee had been automatically charged to registering students.

Mr. Bosnitch said about $40,000 will be returned to the university.

Meanwhile, Dr. Downey has sent a letter to Mr. Bosnitch threatening the Student Union president with either suspension or expulsion. Mr. Bosnitch said he was threatened with this if “there are any more improprieties.”

Dr. Downey declined to comment on the letter saying it was a personal letter between himself and Mr. Bosnitch.

“I think Dr. Downey believes that my behaviour in his opinion is unacceptable,” Mr. Bosnitch said of the official reason for the president’s letter. “But the real reason reveals a simple truth about UNB, that virtually all power has been concentrated in the hands of the administration since the beginning of UNB. Now that the students are asking for the right to participate in decision-making, the administration has become defensive.”

One of the bones of contention between the administration and the Student Union is the operation of the Campus Services Exchange, a small store operated by the Student Union.

“That is one of our concerns,” Dr. Downey said. “Because it is breaking our contract with Beaver Foods to supply food services on the campus.” Beaver Foods has not launched legal action against the university but in a formal complaint has been made, the university president said.

Mr. Bosnitch said Dr. Downey was also concerned with what the UNB president referred to as harassment of university employees after the death of a child who fell seven floors from MacLead House during the summer. Mr. Bosnitch said he was attempting to question university authorities on the death.

Mr. Bosnitch said he has not decided whether he will seek a third term as Student Union president when elections are held within the next month.

“Tn a real sense I many not even have the right to make a choice if Dr. Downey goes forward with his threat to expel me,” Mr. Bosnitch said. No date has been set for the Student Union elections.

RT News Political Commentator John Bosnitch gives an analysis of the inexplicable US bombing of Syria

Reblogged from RT

RT: Happily to say that John Bosnitch political commentator that is joining us live from Belgrade’s capital of Serbia to speak more on that the situation on the developments overnight and through the day hi there John;

RT: And a Russian lawmaker has claimed that the US strike resembles other American interventions referring to Yugoslavia’s bombing among others you are of course speaking to us from Serbia’s a said what he meant of that comparison.

John Bosnitch: Well the difference the main difference here is that Trump is just barely taking over his own administration and we’re not even certain whether Pres. Trump is fully in control of the decision-making process in the United States. His chief campaign aide has been removed from the Security advisory Council, several of these key advisors have been pushed aside so one can’t yet be sure whether Trump himself is fully in charge of this decision-making process, that’s the big difference when the bombing took place here in the former Yugoslavia the plans were set in motion months in advance this looks like an ad hoc operation coming out of Washington today.

RT: The US carried out the attack without the approval we know of the UN’s Security Council without the permission of the Syrian government as well if fellow at UN membership we forget.

Is this a clear violation of international law?

John Bosnitch: If international law has any meaning anymore yes of course it is you can’t to harm another sovereign country no matter what the grounds. First he would have to have the permission of the country’s own government.  Second if it involved a disputed issue you would have to refer to the UN Security Council and the Security Council would have to conduct an investigation.

What’s happening here is been a rush to bombing without even an investigation of who was responsible for the for the chemical weapons incident nor any kind of coordination between the two governments and we do have an and that’s between the US and Syrian government but the other factor here is we have the government of Russia where President Putin has been in charge were well over a decade and his organization and his machine is moving smoothly and in coordination with the Syrian government.

What’s happening here is been a rush to bombing without even an investigation of who was responsible for the for the chemical weapons incident

We cannot say that about Washington, and in fact in Washington today many people are asking who made this decision.

RT: It was actually said a thought that UN Security Council John the pictures of which we’ve been showing for the broadcast that there is no evidence on who or how the chemical attack was carried out it leaves the question therefore why is Washington and its allies acting before the UN investigation?

John Bosnitch: Well you know not to go too deep into the speculation because we could imagine any possibilities here.  The first and most obvious would be that perhaps American intelligence personnel know that the Syrian government was not responsible for the chemical weapons incident but chose to flip-flopped this incident into a means to engage trump in aggressive military action that could be in other words a continuing battle between the deep state and the newly elected president chosen by the people of America that’s the first option.

The second option is that nobody knows who conducted the chemical weapons incident and that the United States is gone in a rush to judgment, which is quite strange given the United States concepts of fair trial fair hearing and democratic perspiration in decision-making. so either of these two possibilities are negative for the United States.

The third one that perhaps the Syrian government conducted this incident still wouldn’t be grounds for unilateral action by the United States and furthermore if the Syrian government conducted the the chemical weapons attack one would have to ask why? They’ve effectively won this war they were mopping up the resistance from Isis and from other Jihadist extremist groups. they were within weeks of what it would look like a complete victory and to suddenly provoke international attacks upon them makes no sense at all and I don’t hear anybody suggesting that Asaad is insane.

(In audible) So I cannot conclude that he made this decision.

RT: Well strategically bid Lib region was not all that important and in the in the light of all the at tragedy after a lot of corsets become very much so and one of the points you’re a senior Russian lawmaker has suggest that the Pentagon did not’s agree with Trump’s stance on Asaad previously because we heard from at a secretary of state we are from other US officials on from President Trump himself  that he was not against a presidential election for instance happening in Syria  and for president Asaad  being president in that meantime but now the opposite has occurred was there pressure put on is not a possibility do you think?

John Bosnitch: At this stage in the game anything is possible President Trump is very newly in office. he has not yet had the time to establish his own operations he is relying on a military especially military and intelligence infrastructure that was created and run now for decades by the people he defeated in the election. So we have the Clinton administration followed by the Bush administration followed by the Obama administration all following the same policy.

They’ve had almost 30 years to infiltrate and establish whatever kind of infrastructure they like. It cannot be cleaned up by Trump in a matter of three months.

There is a big battle ahead of us and it’s not in Syria it’s in Washington.

RT: John Bosnitch political commentator we appreciate your thoughts and your time in coming in the program this hour thank you.


The Bosnitch Era That Changed The Face of Student Government At UNB

By André Faust

UNB’s history of the events that occurred between 1982 and 1986 consists of misinformation and half-truths, which does not reflect the reality of the time. Instead, the writers focused on demonizing the Student Union and its president John Bosnitch and idolizing UNB’s Barry Manilow’s look alike President James Downey.

What UNB’s history books fails to mention is how President Downey extorted 10.00$ from each student which total 50,000$ plus. The 10.00$ was supposed to be a voluntary donation from the students at registration to donate to the 21st century fund, it was not mandatory, however the students were never told that it was a voluntary donation so every student contributed to the fund. The Bosnitch administration discovered the fraud and forced UNB to payback 50,000$ back to the students. The 50,000$ was given to the student union to give back to the students.

As part of the smear campaign to discredit John Bosnitch and Student Union allegations were made that the Union never forwarded the money back to the Students. Following an independent audit, it was found that the Student Union had paid every student their 10.00$ that the UNB administration took from them.

During the early eighties sexual assaults were common on a pathway between Saint Thomas and Student Union building, the path was referred to as rape row, it was the Bosnitch administration the put the pressure on UNB to install lights along rape row to discourage further assaults.

What made Bosnitch and his student council different from previous student council is that he was the first to go toe to toe with the administration. In other words “played hardball with President Downey.”

The conflict between the Student Union and the UNB administration hit is apogee is when Bosnitch revived CSL (Campus Service Ltd). CSL offered services to students that were in competition with other established business who were paying nominal rent and gouging students, for example the convenience store that was operating a sister store at the mall was charging students 10% more on campus then their sister off campus store.

The owners of the business threaten to sue UNB because they lost their exclusivity while CSL was competing against them. This may have been the tipping point that sealed the faith of Bosnitch and his council. Following the threats, UNB launched a remove Bosnitch and Council by any means necessary, even if it met breaking the law.

Below in an information bulletin published in 1987 gives a detail account of what transpired when Downey unlawfully shut down the UNB Student Union Inc.