Charles Leblanc In RoShamBo

Commentary by André Faust

Old news never seems to die when it comes to Charles LeBlanc who just recently launched a new battery of complaints against the Edmunston and the Fredericton city police in regards to the snatch and grab Gestapo style of street arrest which was common in the former state of Russia.

The arrest took place on King Street near the legislature where Charles is a frequent visitor and where he unleashed the Leblanc signature style of journalism against those poor unsuspecting MLA’s who dare to venture out from the safe confines of the legislative building.

The strategic attack against LeBlanc was executed by two Neanderthal class of officers who’s combined size outweighed LeBlanc by 3 to 1 attempted to try to yank him off the street and taken him in for questioning about his unique online style of blog reporting.

During the course of the arrest, one of the arresting officers told him that they were investigating him for some posts that he placed on his blog some two years ago, where they alleged that Charles LeBlanc posted some socially non-complementary adjectives against a couple of Fredericton’s finest.

Considering the time that has passed This recent arrest reinforces the public opinion that there is a vendetta against Leblanc, they failed with the charge of criminal libel 301, so they are trying a different angle to try to get a prosecution by using 300 instead of 301. The difference between 301 and 300 is under 301 you can be still charged with libel, even if the statements you said were true, and it was for this reason that 301 was found to be unconstitutional. So, removing that difference they are basically describing the same offence. When they seized all of his computer equipment, computer hard drive modem and etc. was not really needed because all of the evidence they need was already posted on his blog even then-acting Police Chief Leanne Fitch admitted that this might have been a little overkill and that there is room for improvement to narrow a search to the specific issue when it comes to computer search warrants. in a later interview, Bernard Richards is of the opinion that the seizure was indicative that they were trying to find something worse to pin on him. Because they just don’t like him. (insert Video) in the report itself, Richards says “This egregious error gives credence to those who see this as part of the investigation as an attempt to find something more serious to be used against Mr Leblanc (Ricard, 2011)

Given the tumultuous relationship between Charles Leblanc and The Fredericton City police is this latest a retaliatory response to Charles Leblanc Civil suit against the City and the FTP for refereeing to him as one who sexually exploits children when they made their request to the internet Service provider for his personal information. Or is as the following video depicts a simple case of Roshambo.

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Fredericton City Police Beating a Dead Horse With the Arrest Of Charles Leblanc

By André Faust

Five years has passed since the Crown withdrew the charge of defamatory libel after the Fredericton City Police were heavily criticized by the legal academic community and the Canadian Civil Liberties Association.

Following the withdrawal of the charge. the City of Fredericton Commissioned Bernard Richards  to assess the situation with the  Fredericton city police.  The result of his findings was that he made seven recommendations.   these were only recommendations and  the police were not bound to implement those recommendations.

The Fredericton Police Force by voluntarily accepting those recommendations appeared to be a progressive force and that they were opened to improving the quality of the policing in the city of Fredericton

However, when they charged Charles with assault, which stemmed from  a minor disagreement with Busker Andrew Spencer, they took this incident as an opportunity to try to have Charles Convicted.  That endeavour failed when provincial court judge Julian Dickson exonerated Charles by rendering a verdict of not guilty of assault.

Once again they are trying to have Charles prosecuted on a charge of defamatory Libel which was resolved five years ago.

Isn’t it about time that Fredericton City Police stops beating a dead horse and go back to do the things that they do best; to serve and to protect.