YouTube Video expresses Canadian Contempt for Harper

By André Faust

Is Stephen Harper the most revered or despised prime minister in the history of Canada?

According to social media he is despised, there are countless of anti-Harper Facebook pages and groups to list a few;

  • Canadian Rally to Unseat Stephen Harper
  • National Stop Harper Campaign
  • Anti-Harper
  • Harper’s Last Days
  • Vote Harper out
  • Stop Harper
  • Get Ride of Harper
  • Enough Harper
  • Anyone but Harper Conservatives

In addition to Facebook pages and groups there is a plethora of derogatory satirical images and videos of him throughout the internet. Leadnow independent advocacy organization who has launched the Vote Together campaign against Stephen Harper. Vote together is based on strategic block voting, with the focus on the swing ridings. The strategy is simple to vote for the Candidate who is most likely to win the riding who is not a Conservative.

Why is there such a growing disdain for Harper?

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Chinese Communists claim Stephen Harper as role model

Anonymous Contributor

SHARE WITH FRIENDS…I feel better now I just flushed the last bit of conservative I had in me. Lowering taxes to corporations has done squat for Canadians. Where’s all the jobs Harper? Harper imported 400,000 TFWs to replace Canadian workers along with becoming most secretive and corrupt PM in Canadian history.The most appalling Conservative Attack add is Harper himself. How did Harper become a multi-millionaire while in public office while adding $200,000,000,000 to our national dept that the RCMP need to investigate. China who love him for allowing them to export our natural resources – Nexen/CNOOC/Progress) Steve, himself, is just blind with power and won’t admit he royally screwed us up. Good luck in your future Nexen Chinese Executive Board position Steve! We won’t miss you and your “sell out Canadian’s” attitude one bit.

Be Sure You Can Vote! The Rules Of The Game Have Changed.

Are you registered to vote

By André Faust

2011 results
The Effect of Voter Split

Stephen Harper and his government has launched the Fair Elections act that is design to stack the cards in his favour for re-election. Harper is counting on maintain voter split, in essence he can be re-elected with 39% of the vote. His strategy is straightforward; maintain the core vote of 39%t, and the rest of 61% will be divided up among the other parties which should give him his majority. If voters behave as they did in 2011 the same results can be expected

To ensure that he will maintain the advantage of voter split he introduced Fair Elections Act, which will make it more difficult for students, seniors and first time voters to vote come election time. The table below shows how much more complicated it is going to be at the polling station, at one time you only had to provide your voter card, in this election this is not going to be the case. Continue reading

Fredericton Citizens Speak Out Against Bill C-51

Citizens against Bill C-51

By André Faust

In cities across Canada people gathered together on this day March 14, to voice their concerned about negative impact that Harper’s anti-terrorist bill will have on Canadians right to freedom of speech and freedom of assembly.
Citizens of Fredericton took to the streets and congregated at the steps of city hall and publically denounced bill C-51 and related laws associated with this bill. Several speakers spoke on the “Evils” of this bill.

This vaguely written bill transforms CSIS Canadian Security Intelligence Service from just a spy agency to an enforcement agency. Under this proposed bill CSIS would be giving the power to derail terrorist activity, remove terrorist propaganda, Detain Canadians up to seven days if CSIS believe they are directly or indirectly connected with “Terrorist activity”. All these new powers will be given to CSIS without any over sight.

The way Bill C-51 is written it defines it’s the act of the individual or group that defines whether one is a terrorist or not. According to the anti-terrorist bill c-51 any act that unlawfully threatens the safety of anyone, unlawfully threatens the infrastructure or the economy will be deemed as a terrorist. In other words this anti-terrorist bill is to protect the government and the economical ruling class.Terrorist Boggie Man

What this does in effect is target, unions, environmental groups and any person or group that wants to limit the powers of the ruling class. Under this bill all that needs to be done is to legislate an activity as unlawful, then then the whole system activates to stop any dissention that Canadians may have against the government or the corporate elites.

Anyone trying to improve the conditions in their community under this bill is a Candidate to be jailed without due process.

How to cook up a fiscal crisis for political gain

By Scott Clark and Peter DeVries

The most important fiscal action the Conservative government took after being elected in 2006 was to cut the GST by two points. At the time — and ever since — every credible economist in Canada said it was a bad, bad idea. With a general election less than a year away, now seems like a good time to run a ‘what-if’ scenario.

The Conservatives for years vowed that they would eliminate the deficit of $55.6 billion recorded in 2009-10 by 2015-16. And the government has been aggressively cutting government spending on programs and services since 2010. Despite recent declines in oil prices, the federal deficit will be eliminated in 2015-16 — possibly even a year earlier.

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