The people of New Brunswick want to protect their forests

stop spraying
A picture that Is worth a thousand words….

The group EcoVie of Restigouche West want to greatly thank the people of New Brunswick for their support during the peaceful plan of action, better known as “The Happy Campers.”

«We are very pleased with the impact and attention we received to inform people of the spraying problem of herbicides in our province», says André Potvin, EcoVie member.

Our work in the forest is now completed for this year since we have been advised that spraying of the forest in this region by the Acadian Timber company is now completed.

«We achieved our goal of attracting the media and informing the NB public of the dangers associated with this practice. We set out to increase public awareness and promote the impact of our cause», states François Couturier, a strong supporter of EcoVie.

We have learned a lot from this experience. There is a definite problem with the use of signs indicating the date of application. This does not give a precise date, only the beginning of the spraying operations. This puts anyone who happens to be in the forest at risk. «The issue for poor signage was raised by the Council of Canadians in Kent County last year to Dr. Cleary. Dr. Russell, who is replacing her, has not yet addressed this issue», stated Ann Pohl.

As a group, we have observed that this is a very busy season for blueberry and raspberry pickers, and eventually hazelnut harvesting. And we must remember that wildlife cannot read signs…

Our group beleives more then ever that we must continue to apply pressure to our government to stop spraying herbicides in our forests and under NB Power lines.


Recommendations Shale Gas Development Dr. Cleary Sept 2012

By André Faust (Feb 27, 2016)

On Friday February 26, 2016 The New Brunswick Commission on Hydraulic Fracturing was released their findings to the public.  The Commission made references to two of recommendations by the former Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Cleary who has recently has been sacked by the provincial government with undisclosed reasons.

Before her termination, Dr. Cleary submitted the final recommendations the o the New Brunswick Commission on the steps that the government will need to do in regards to the health of New Brunswick as it relates to Fracking.  The following document is her submission.

What will be interesting is to see if they accept the recommendations,  How will the government incorporate these recommendation in their endeavors to convince New Brunswickers that Fracking is safe.

Below is an excerpt taken from the Executive Summary which Dr. Todd and Dr. Cleary spoke on in September of 2012

While large-scale development of a shale gas industry in New Brunswick may offer an economic growth opportunity for the province, it will be important to ensure that the overall health gains are greater than the losses. Economic status of individuals and communities can be an important determinant of their health, however there are many other factors resulting from industry development that can have strong negative impacts. Unless proper controls are put in place there is a risk of spoiling any benefits from economic gains through adverse health outcomes.

If an expansion of the unconventional gas industry takes place in New Brunswick, Government needs to take targeted and strategic actions aimed at prevention and mitigation of negative health impacts, which includes building capacity in local and provincial services and infrastructure. These will need to be put in place prior to further development as current infrastructure, capacity, processes and legislation are not adequate to meet these needs. In addition, as this industry is new and evolving, monitoring of the health of the population will be important on an ongoing basis to detect adverse impacts. This will allow for modifications, including if warranted, a slow down or halting of further development. Accordingly, the Chief Medical Officer of Health (CMOH) has developed the recommendations in this document which she believes are necessary in order to protect the health of the public.

The following video is Dr. Cleary’s presentation that was held at MacLaggan Hall November 2012



Bring Dr. Cleary Back for the Holidays Campaign

Press Conference – Crown Plaza Fredericton December 16 at 10:30am

clear01A coalition of community groups, academics, health professionals, and labour unions is ready to take a stand for Dr. Eilish Cleary.  We are ready to announce a province-wide campaign: Bring Dr. Cleary Back for the Holidays
The Bring Dr. Cleary Back for the Holidays campaign will be spreading to communities in every corner of the province.  The purpose of our campaign is to encourage all New Brunswick MLAs to publicly call for Dr. Eilish Cleary to be reinstated as the Chief Medical Officer for New Brunswick.

We invite you to our press conference on Wednesday, December 16th at 10:30am at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Fredericton.

There will be a presentation in English and French.

Conférence de presse – Crown Plaza Fredericton le mercredi 16 décembre à 10:30

Une coalition de groupes communautaires, de chercheurs, de professionnels de la santé, ainsi que les syndicats s’est formée afin de prendre position pour Dr Eilish Cleary. Nous sommes prêts à annoncer une campagne provinciale: Ramenez Dr Cleary à temps pour Noël

La campagne Ramenez Dr Cleary à temps pour Noël viendra aux communautés dans tous les coins de la province. Le but de notre tournée est d’inciter les députés provinciaux de se prononcer afin de réintégrer Dr. Eilish Cleary comme médecin-hygiéniste en chef du Nouveau-Brunswick.

Nous vous invitons à notre conférence de presse le mercredi 16 décembre à 10:30 à l’hôtel Crown Plaza de Fredericton.

Il y aura une présentation en anglais et en Français.



Dismissal of Chief Medical Officer of Health Must Be Explained

Green Party David Coon

Fredericton– Green Party Leader and MLA for Fredericton South David Coon is calling the government’s dismissal of Dr. Eilish Cleary as New Brunswick Chief Medical Officer of House outrageous in a statement released today.

“Dr. Cleary, in her role as doctor to the people of New Brunswick has earned tremendous respect and even affection from New Brunswickers.  So many felt such pride in her courageous decision to join the battle against Ebola in Africa. Many felt vindicated when her shale gas report validated their concerns about fracking after the previous government dismissed them as borne of ignorance.  Health Minister Boudreau has a responsibility to provide a credible explanation for the decision to remove Dr. Cleary from her position.  She has always been willing to directly reach out to New Brunswickers and our communities as our collective physician.  It makes one wonder if this didn’t threaten the government’s effort to control its message, particularly given the recent removal and reassignment of the former Director of DNR’s Fish and Wildlife Branch, also without explanation”.


What:              There is a groundswell of people in this province speaking up for the return of Dr. Eilish Cleary as New Brunswick’s Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Cleary has been put on forced leave by Brian Gallant’s Liberal government.


Where:            HSBC Bank Building, 520 King Street, Fredericton (at corner of King and Carleton                                     Street)


When:             Monday, Dec. 7, 2015 TIME: 11:00 am – 12:30 pm


Why:               – Dr. Eilish Cleary is one of the few independent voices left in our government. Not only does her position protect the health New Brunswickers, but her position investigates all issues contributing to health, including our natural environment and the animals that live in it.

– Dr. Cleary is an award-winning public health officer and is a world expert on communicable diseases.

– It is an embarrassment for New Brunswick that she has been put on a forced leave.

– We have a right to the best; we deserve the best; We want her back.

                        – We deserve a strong, independent public health voice in New Brunswick.