Alward’s Drug Plan will Force Low Income Workers to Move out of Province

Workers who are not on a drug plan face 240$ per day or Jail Time

Having to face the choice of paying 240$ per day, losing assets, and going to jail for not paying into Alward’s Drug plan, what choice will the low income worker have, stay in the province and bear the consequences of not being able to pay for the plan or move to another Province.

Low Income Earners Hardest Hit Under Alward’s Drug Plan

By André Faust

The Alward government has unleashed the catastrophic Drug plan, while on the surface it looks like a good plan that would help New Brunswickers cover the expense of high end drugs. When you look at who is going to pay for the plan, a scary reality unfolds. —- more to come.

Things don’t necessarily appear as what they are

Irving Stands To Lose 63 Million Dollars If Alward Looses Election

Irving wants Alward Elected so that he won’t lose his tax breaks

Irving has a vested interest if the Alward government were to win this election on September 22. Brian Gallant announced that his party would start to make the 1% pay their share of taxes, which would represent $63 million dollars in tax savings for the province. There is consensus among the other alternative parties that if the 1% paid their share of the taxes, the province would not be in the financial state that it currently experiencing.

Brian Gallant is the first leader speak out on tax inequality between rich and the poor, which is a reflection of new political ideologies which has permeated liberal party over the last four years.

Vote yes is to vote yes for selling the province short, for example the royalty deal that he has made with the shale gas industry is only pennies that that province would receive as compared royalties paid out in the province of Alberta. Recently Alward has basically given Irving all of the forest on Crown lands for virtually receiving nothing from the Irvings.

Vote yes means a government that will represent the will of the corporations not the will of the citizens.

Social Activist’s Blog Removed by Google following complaint

By André Faust

Political/Social Activist Charles Leblanc’s Blog shut down

Upon receiving a complaint against controversial social political activist Charles LeBlanc blog, Google removed the polemical blog from its servers after notifying the blogger of their action.

The blog was an irritant to the Fredericton city police and Sergeant at Arms Daniel Bussières because of his sometimes not to kind criticisms of their actions. Above and beyond criticizing the FPD and Bussières, LeBlanc confronted and challenged the provincial MLAs and the Premier on many delicate issues that mainstream media does not cover.

While the blog has been the center of controversy for quite some time, it appears very convenient to have the blog shut down prior to the provincial election. Was the motive behind the complaint to Google politically motivated to keep the issues of pensions fracturing and forestry from being presented to the New Brunswick audience? Blogs like Charles’s blog are a threat to government and big business because their propagandist no longer have control over the message given to the public.