Former Premier Alward’s Catastrophic Drug Plan, Good Concept But Not Well Thought Out

Catastrophic Drug Plan Alward
By André Faust

The plan was introduced by the Alward Government on December 10th, 2013. The intent was to make Catastrophic drugs affordable to all New Brunswickers. The Theory sounds good, however can the plan be implemented without creating additional financial hardship to low income workers or having low income workers compromise their dignity to the Department of Income Assistance.

Under the Alward formula, it can only hurt low income earners.  They are two phases to the program, The optional phase, which we are currently in and the Mandatory Phase which is to take effect on April 1st 2015.  It is the Mandatory phase that should be of concerned to the low income worker because those individuals will have to pay a monthly premium, whether they choose to or not.  The meat of the plan is outlined in the following document.


The problem with the plan as it currently stands is; who is going to be affected and how much each is going to pay, which is outline in the following document.  The statistics that Stats Canada Provides has concatenated individuals into family units which distorts reality,  the People who have been excluded from the stats are those who, are homeless, unemployed  or currently drawing income assistance, If you include those, then the Alward figures are way off for the low income worker and under, and the numbers are much  higher that what the stats gives us.

Brain Gallant has less than 6 months to re study the plan and develop a solution that will be workable for all. As it stands it is going to be the low income earners and under who are going to be carrying the brunt of the costs resulting in financial hardship, This matter has to be resolved before April 1st, 2015.




David Coon defeats PC Minister of Energy Craig Leonard

By André Faust

The Alward government took a chance on the referendum like campaign with the following format yes for shale gas and prosperity or no to shale gas and poverty. Had the outcome of this election have been any different it would have given the Alward government the ticket to do whatever it pleased. The pillar for shale gas exploration and development was former energy minister Craig Leonard was defeated by the party leader David Coon who is diametrically opposed to shale gas development because of the potential of catastrophic environmental damage created by the shale gas technologies. Continue reading

Alward’s Drug Plan: Sticking it to the Working Poor

By André Faust

The New Brunswick a mandatory drug plan was introduced by David Alward at the last setting of the legislature, on the surface it looks like it’s a very good plan because it looks like a plan to help New Brunswickers avoid cost of catastrophic drug and to ensure that prescription drug insurance is available to every New Brunswicker. In this respect it looks like the sheep.

The intent of the plan is to give every New Brunswicker access to a drug insurance plan which in this case will be administered by Blue Cross. Any New Brunswick or who is not covered under any insurance plans will be required to pay a premium and the rate of that premium is determined by the annual income of each person. According to the plan to lower the income the lower the premium the higher the income the higher the premium, which on the surface seems to be a fair way of distributing the premiums among the wage spectrum. However, when you look at the premium formula in terms of percentages a different story is told. Continue reading

CBC Bans David Coon and Kris Austin from engaging in French Debate


What is the method behind CBCs madness when they barred the leaders from the Green party and the People’s alliance, according to CBC radio the reasons that they denied the leaders from the green and the People’s alliance party was because CBC radio was of the opinion that neither of these two candidates French was good enough to have on air.

This is interesting because how do you actually judge one’s competence in a second language what are the benchmarks that they are using to determine what is competent and what isn’t. The problem seems to be that it appears that CBC radio has used two different types of criteria is to determine fluency in French. From a Francophone perspective David Alward is in affected ineffective when he is discoursing in French. David Alward when he is reading from a script creates the illusion that he is somewhat fluent French but when you listen to him read his French script it is obvious that he does not comprehend what he is reading. When Alward speaks French without a script his deficiency in the language stands out. In this respect Alward, when he is trying to express his thoughts in French he is no better than the leaders of the Green and People’s alliance party. It is always difficult to speak and express one’s thoughts accurately when one isn’t familiar with the language.

So the question is once again asked. Why is Alward allowed to participate in the French debate who skills are at par with the other two leaders that CBC has identified as not being fluent enough to be allowed to engage in the public debate on CBCs airwaves?

Had CBC tried to exclude Parti Québécois leader Pauline Marois from the English debate in Québec because of her limited fluency in English. Had CBC radio Québec refused her participation in the English debates the people of Québec would have gone up in arms against CBC.

So why then is CBC radio giving Premier David Alward preferential treatment. If the leaders of the respective parties feel comfortable enough to debate the issues in their second language than they should be allowed to do so.

David Alward originally declined to attend any debates with anyone on the issues of very Harper like strategy, however recently Alward reversed his decision and is now going to partake in this September 9 debate however party president Jason Stephen did say that they did not agree in allowing the Green and the alliance parties joining in the debate.

There has to be more behind this story, which will not be revealed to the public until after the elections.


Alward Terrified To Engage In Leaders Debate

Alward Avoids Debates
Strategically it is not a good move for PC’s to Debate

Time has changed, in the not too distant past public debate where the highlights of the election process. It was an opportunity to see your favorite candidates going toe to toe and duking it out, each party challenging each other’s platforms. Ah those were the days of intellectual bloodbaths.

Up until recent times the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce used to host public debates, now they host public forums for parties to describe their platforms instead of debating their platforms. The chamber wonders why there doesn’t seem to be much response from the public to attend these forums. Why should the public attend these forums when they can read each parties platforms in the newspapers? It does seem redundant to have a forum that repeats what is published in the media.

It’s a sad state of affairs is when leaders refuse to participate in public debate, whether the debate is hosted by media or other organizations in the community.
In this election they are many serious issues that will have long-term consequences in the province. It appears that except for the Alward government most of the other candidates would like to engage in the issues at hand in a debate.
Alward realizes that it would not be a strategic move for his government to engage in any debates on the issues, such as his government giving the forest to the Irving oligarchy and jeopardizing the health and safety of New Brunswickers to allow the extraction of shale gas. Alward has no rebuttals to counter the arguments from the other parties and independents.

The only thing that the Alward government has to bring to the table are fallacies and illusions. You can’t win debates with make-believe. The consequences of Alward engaging in debates is that the other debaters would slaughter him with facts, Alward’s fiction is no match for the facts.

Alward in his desperation to work on people’s emotions and memories makes references to former premier Shawn Graham attempt to sale NB power, however, Shawn Graham had the balls to inform the public of the deal prior to the election the public which lead to his demise. Alward on the other hand gave away the People’s forest to Irving with little compensation back to the province. An action which is more severe than Shawn Grahams plans to sell NB Hydro to Hydro Quebec, at least the province would have received a revenue from the sale, and In Alward Case the province received nothing from the Irvings.