Children Belong to the State


By John Bosnitch (Aug 29, 2021)

PARENTS BEWARE! After a 70-year “brain drain” this is what is left behind in my poor Canadian home province…

Globalist pawn Dominic Cardy worked abroad for various arms of the Murican war empire. As a personal friend of a member of the Irving oil-i-garch mafia family that owns my Canadian home province, Cardy was “brought home” to help rule the remaining proles on the Irving’s plantation-province.

He parachuted into politics first in a surprising takeover of the leftist/labor-oriented New Democratic Party (NDP). With labor unions near dead and their political party on life support, Cardy easily managed to infiltrate and take over the NDP despite being the “golden boy” friend of the oppressive anti-worker Irving oligarchs.

Predictably, the NDP quickly collapsed completely as its better-informed pro-workers-union party members abandoned their party at the polls… effectively eliminating their own lobby group in the province.

Mission accomplished, Cardy then abandoned the sunken ship that he had pirate-boarded and scuttled… openly revealing his true colors by crossing the floor to join the Irving oil-i-garchs’ wholly owned governing Conservative Party.

The so-called Conservative party functions as a publicly-funded management consultancy for the Irving oil-i-garchs. It has the role of changing the province’s laws (in whatever way they can get away with) to maximize the Irving’s profits at the expense of the people of the province of New Brunswick.

Chameleon Cardy was of course rewarded with a ministry in return for his successful Trojan horse destruction of the only pro-worker party (the NDP).

Cardy thus joined the leadership of the pro-Irving “Conservative” party, which is led by former Irving manager (and current provincial Premier) Blaine Higgs, who’s now making more money for the Irvings while being paid by the taxpayers than he ever earned the Irvings while he was honestly working as their direct employee on their payroll.

High on the globalist agenda of the multibillionaire Irving mafia clan is the over-arching “great reset” taking place planet-wide under the mantra of “We must stop the virus!”.

As the globalist bosses’ minion, turncoat-“Conservative” Cardy is now demanding the mandatory vaccination of children (despite not having any children himself) in his capacity as Minister of (mis-)Education…

Rejecting *real* parents’ fears and concerns about such vaccinations, Cardy now claims that he has the right and power to enforce such vaccine mandates because the children are “our children” as if they belonged to the state (which is itself effectively the property of the tax-evading offshore oil-i-garch Irving family, which also “owns” Cardy himself).

Legendary Great Depression-era Louisiana Governor Huey Long, who ruled his state like a fascist dictator, never achieved the absolute concentration of power that the spawn of the Irving clan have achieved in undereducated New Brunswick, which has become the poorest province in Canada under their family rule.

Cardy is today functioning as the Irvings’ boot planted squarely on the face of the oppressed people of New Brunswick. And he thinks he owns your children too!

The IRVING motto should be: “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”

The letter that IRVING does not want you to know about

By André Faust


The Irving Oligarchy has been thoroughly researched almost to the point of ad nausea. Recently in award-winning journalism story in the national post, the House of Irving by Bruce Livesey and in a book Irving vs Irving Jacques Poitras, both Livsey and Poitras argues that’s Irving more or less bullies the Government of the day to comply to his demands.

According to CBC Irving pressured the then Progressive Conservative government under the leadership of David Alward to do something about Natural Resource Minister. Subsequent to a letter authored by Irving if premier doesn’t do something about the Natural Resource Minister, then they may have to downsize some of the lumber facilities and cease all expansion. Following this letter, Bruce Northrup was transferred from the position of Minister of Natural resources to the Department of Public Safety In an interview with the CBC he is of the opinion that it was because of Irving’s influence that he was removed from the position of Minister of Natural resources.

Northrup was critical of the forestry deal that Irving wanted, eventually, Irving was able to get the government to allow him a greater percentage of the crown land.

The following is a letter that was originally published in Halifax Media Co-op (2014), and re-published on January 8, 2018, in a CBC story “Natural resources minister in Alward government says Irving letter got him fired”

Irving Letter Feb 27, 2013

The Things That Government And The Oil Industry Does Not Want You To Know!

Transcription by André Faust (June 10, 2017)

André Faust: I’m here with Mark D’Arcy of the Council of Canadians. In your press release, you made reference to secrecy in relationship to the pipeline. In what context do you mean that?

Mark D’Arcy: Energy will be the largest pipeline project ever constructed here in North America. There is a two-year review process, it been held up because a controversy and the original National Energy Board Panel actually was forced to resign and so this whole project has been delayed. One obstacle after another being put off by the government’s unwillingness to be public with the law of risks associated with the tar sands and the bitumen pipeline.

So here in New Brunswick, we had no public meetings only one by the city of Edmunston because of their watershed, drinking water watershed being traversed by the proposed pipeline route that is it!

No other public meetings in the province whatsoever over the last three years four years this project review, and why is that. The waterways you see in behind men the St. John River, the Nashwaak River, multiple crossings by this long pipeline route over the tributaries leading into these rivers system.

Tar sand bitumen is very different from conventional oil it will actually form tar balls and then those sink to the bottom and aggressively stick to the sentiment. Very, very difficult to get the lion’s share 20 to 30 percent of the bitumen will stick to these waterways after a major spill as seen by the North Saskatchewan River as seen last year as well as the Kalamazoo River in Michigan back in 2010.

A lot of these risks of the tar sand bitumen pipeline the government and its proponents, TransCanada and Irving do not want the public to know about them.

The watershed there is catastrophic long-term damage to the waterways and acutely the communities along the pipeline route there is a severe acute health risk to be exposed to a tar sand bitumen pipeline spill.

There would have to be early warning air raid sirens installed in the communities along the waterways where a potential spill would enter. People would have to be evacuated immediately because of the very neural toxic chemicals that are used to dilute the tar sands bitumen.

This is not something you fool around with and unfortunately there are has been no real math provided, no community notification along the pipeline route here in New Brunswick, and you when you look at the accumulative effect of all of that, people have been left in the dark. So there is complete secrecy by TransCanada, by Irving, by the lobbyist which includes the government of New Brunswick and the Government of Canada, and they don’t want the community to know one; the route and two; the extreme risk that tar sands bitumen pipe line will put their watershed at.

André Faust: Thank you, Mark

Mark D’Arcy: Thank you.

Irving Sued $50M by Former Oil President

Oil President Mike Ashar Sues Irving 50 M

By André Faust

Irving, New Brunswick’s dark Oligarch is once again facing civil litigation. Irving is well known for using its financial and corporate might to coerce the province of New Brunswick to bow down to its corporate demands. Irving’s recent antics with the province forced a forestry deal contract on to the province that is beyond the province financial ability to cover the legal cost should the province wish to terminate the forestry deal contract with Irvings.

Irving has a reputation of showing no mercy or compassion when it comes to ending their employment or contract relationships with their employees or contractors. Historically it was common practice for Irving to force their gas station operators out, once they made the business success, then replacing those operators with managers at a considerably lower rate of pay.

Mike Ashar lawsuit sheds some light on how unscrupulous the Irving are when they are finished exploiting their people. According to CBC and other sources, Mike Ashar was pushed out of his job, once he met his objectives with the Irvings. As stated in his statement of claim to get him out they made his work a living hell.

“During 2012 and the first few months of 2013 there were many instances of misconduct and inappropriate behaviour involving members of the Irving family that created an intolerable and poisoned work environment for Mr. Ashar.”

Not only did the Irving’s make the work environment unbearable for Mr. Ashar, but also they kept his email account active and continued to monitor his emails long after they dismissed him.

In addition to the $50 million for breach of contract, Mr. Ashar asking for $200,000 in punitive damages and $50,000 for invasion of privacy. Mike Ashar must have much deeper pockets than the province of New Brunswick to Challenge the Irving’s in a court battle.

Irving gives the boot to clean-air activist Gordon Dalzell

Clean-air activist Gordon Dalzell ejected by the Irvings from the Community Liaison Committee

By André Faust

Irving keeping with its outstanding reputation of removing people who either criticize or speaks out against the Corporation or members of the Irving family has recently given the boot to clean-air activist Gordon Dalzell from the Community Liaison Committee, a committee that Irving created to receive input from the community in regards to his refinery. Irving justifies the expulsion of Gordon Dalzell from the committee on the grounds that he breached confidentiality.

The community liaison committee appears to be a front to create the illusion that Irving works in conjunction with communities however this committee is not answerable to the community the ejection from the committee is another example of the Irvings philosophy of you are either with us or against us. Those who do not question the Irvings are allowed to remain on this bogus committee while those who speak against the Irvings are ejected from the committee.

Dalzell, is well known for his position on clean-air, in essence Irving’s dismissal of Dalzell from the committee will prevent any challenges to Irving’s conduct in terms of environmental issues.

As of date there are no known records of the community liaison committee ever criticizing the Irvings, the removal of Dalzell affirms that committee will never criticize the Irvings. Simply this committee is a farce, public relation created illusion to manipulate public thinking that Irving is a good corporate citizen then the evil corporation that it really is.